Stay At Home Saturday: The Rose – We Rose You Tour

Posted by Stephanie on May 31, 2020


Remember those times we used to go to concerts? Remember those times before the most exciting thing we did was to strap on the mask and head to the market? This Stay At Home Saturday is about the time I threw caution to the air, chucked aside the budget, and decided to fly to LA to take my friend Molly to The Rose’s We Rose You concert tour. This post is the result of such frivolity.

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Kick-Ass Boots

Posted by Alix on May 28, 2020


When I write ramblings for a post it’s all about finding the angle or the story that goes with the choice of song. Often a song will inspire some thought or I’ll love the sound so much I’ll make something work. But sometimes it’s a struggle to find a connection and then you’re left somewhat hanging and grasping at anything you can say about the song or artist. It’s not that I don’t like today’s song, it’s just that I would rather tell you everything and anything about Lucy…the dog and the band.  Read more

Kpop Workout Week Six: Idol Workout? Idle Workout?

Posted by Stephanie on May 27, 2020


Kpop Idol Workout

I’m a creature of habit. Once I find something I like, I do it to death until I’m bored with it…and then I’ll do it some more because I don’t really know what to do with myself. This weeks Kpop Idol Workout isn’t much different.

Slow and steady I’m seeing results of the IF and daily workouts. I’ve gotten to the point where both are (painful) second nature to me. I was going to allow myself the day off on Monday as it was a holiday….and yet there I was, rolling back my ridiculous rug in order to do a workout. I wish I could say the pounds are melting off, but they’re not. However, they are, pound by pound, starting to leak away about 1-1.5 pounds a week. I’m officially down 6 pounds, which means I have about 4 more to go before I reach my second goal, losing what I gained after my Korea trip. (My first goal being: lose the 5ish pounds of Covid weight.)

Which means…as much as I want that mid-period container of chocolate ice cream and a sit on the couch, I’m going to go with the sugar-free chocolate pudding and do 45-minute workout. Because habit. Read more

Currently Binge-Watching ALL the Asian Dramas

Posted by Stephanie on May 26, 2020


Mystic Pop Up TentI’ve been binge-watching so many dramas guys. I can’t even just say Chinese dramas or Kdramas or even just BLs.  I’m not even sure how it happened. Actually. It’s probably the furlough. I want to be thankful for it and yet… I’ve been packing my days with all of the things I need to get done during the day, working the hours I have on schedule, working the hours on my Salesforce Admin certification, (Anyone else out there working or have that? Let’s chat!), doing my workouts, cleaning the house, and website work…I jam my days full! Which leaves those evenings, normally packed by those same things, freer! Somehow, I’ve decided it’s okay to just sit there and watch TV. Like the old days. Frankly, it’s weirding me out.

Like the good old days of Crazy For Kdrama, lets take a look at all I’m watching! Read more

Khottie of the Week: Secret Hottie DPR Live

Posted by Stephanie on May 25, 2020

Khottie of the Week

DPR Live

While it’s Monday, for me, and probably many of you out there, it’s still the weekend, which means Khottie is not late! For those of you who do not agree with me, you should probably bring that up with Alix who convinced me watching more BL yesterday was more important than getting my work done. As it was cold, raining, and we were cozily watching under blankets, I’m not certain she was wrong. But Khottie will not be denied, especially this Khottie one who has been tickling my fancy for a while…even before I knew he was a hottie.

DPR Live.

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Musical Monday – April Showers Bring May Flowers

Posted by SaraG on May 25, 2020


Lucy - Korean Band

Music is, as I’ve said before, insanely personal. I talk about it all the time as if I’m some sort of genuine know it all who has some sort of clue as to what makes a song or a group good. I don’t. I just know what I like and I’m fairly articulate, so it seems like I know what I’m talking about. And I do…for me. I know that when I first heard Lucy, a Korean band on the show JTBC SuperBand, I was impressed. To the point where I downloaded their releases from the show and saved them on playlists. And moved on. 

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Stay At Home Saturday: Dinner With Friends

Posted by Stephanie on May 23, 2020


cold buckwheat noodlesDuring this time, we can mix, we can mingle, we can have dinner with friends, we just have to start getting more…creative about it. Last weekend I decided I had a hankering for a Korean dish I make periodically in the summertime, cold buckwheat noodles. Its cold, it’s spicy, it’s topped with crunchy vegetables, a perfect hot weather dish. Now, I’ve never really made this dish for myself, while technically simple, there are a lot of steps to it, so I like to make it for friends. Bummer. Too bad I can’t have dinner with friends. Remember those days? Did I then really want to make these things just for myself or was that just going to bum me out? Then it dawned on me. Why couldn’t I make it for friends if I were super careful?

And that’s what I did…. to mixed results. And with this recipe you could too! Possibly with better results.  😉

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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Not Too Little, Not Too Much

Posted by SaraG on May 21, 2020


Rock UR Body, VIXX

I and this is a secret to no one that has ever met me, love attention. I want folks in a room to pay attention when I have something to add to a conversation and my sense of personal style leans more towards the brash than some might be comfortable with. All of that being true, I have never once wanted to be famous. Recognized in my chosen field, yes, approved of by my peers, absolutely, but famous – nope. I’m good with the general public not really knowing who I am and what I do with my time. There is a definite sense of vulnerability and loss of control that comes with reaching those heights.

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