Throwback (Musical) Thursday – And Because I Said Her Name

Posted by SaraG on May 6, 2021


On Monday I mentioned that through perseverance and consistency, Bibi was actually discovered by Yoon Mirae on SoundCloud, giving her the opportunity to make a career in this big, bad industry. So I thought that I should probably take this chance to highlight Yoon Mirae since she is so foundational to what we know and love about Korean music. I mean…come on…Yoon Mirae. 

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BL and Bubbles Calendar: May Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2021


New month doesn’t just mean turning the page on my A.C.E calendar, it also means checking out all the shows we have to add onto our BL watching schedule! Is anyone else getting a little stressed about it? Perhaps its because we only watch once a week, and schedules have been a little crazy, but yeesh, there are almost too many shows to keep up on! We’ve been reduced to creating a spreadsheet, and going at our drama watching more strategically in order to get some of these shows in.

Though May may be helping us here!

I don’t know if I just haven’t found all the shows for May, but this schedule is the lightest I’ve seen since I’ve been doing these posts! Six shows! We have only SIX shows to worry about adding into the rotation and not a lot of them are high on my “gotta watch” lists. My first instinct was to panic, but then looking back, we’ve had BL lulls before. I want to say either this same time last year, or heading into it. I remember sitting on Alix’s backporch (social distanced BL!) watching some of the “I guess we’ll watch this if we get desperate” shows.

I’m almost grateful for the break!

As always, before we talk about what’s coming, let’s chat the shows we’ve finished or are working on during April. Read more

Heechul’s Gamer Workout

Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2021


Due to moving to a second-floor apartment (ie, someone living below me and not wanting to be THAT neighbor), I swapped a stationary bike for the YouTube Kpop workouts I was doing. While I still follow many of the Allblanc guys on Instagram (congratulations on the wedding James), its been months since I actually did one of their workouts.

And then Heechul came for a visit.

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Musical Monday – All of These in Turn

Posted by SaraG on May 3, 2021


Excelling in any industry takes a lot of effort. We often only hear about the big break, the magical moment when someone was plucked out of a sea of talented individuals and thrust into stardom. It’s as if our memory of all of the years of effort and toil disappear when a golden opportunity strikes. But that’s not actually the case for the person finally getting some recognition. They not only remember, but they are also continuing to work their asses off to keep doing great work and now also live up to the pressure of having made it.

 This is why I chose never to become a famous musician. I don’t like that kind of pressure. 

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TWHottie of the Week: Charles Tu

Posted by Stephanie on May 2, 2021

Khottie of the Week

Not going to lie, last week was a rough week work-wise and there may have been some moments where I may have opened last week’s TWhottie and just scrolled through how beautiful he was. So striking. Whatever gets us through, right? Since last week we did half of the best couple of HIStory 4, its really only fair that this week we take a look at the other half, the super charming Charles Tu.

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Episode 271: Our Pal Val – Conversations With A Newbie

Posted by Stephanie on April 30, 2021


This episode, new friend, newbie Kpop/Drama watcher, power crafter, and all-around swell gal, Val joins the podcast. We chat about all the things that are currently tickling her fancy and how she got into them. Her new desire to learn ATEEZ, her deep and abiding love for Got7, how this has morphed into a fair amount of drama watching, and a killer collection of Kpop inspired pottery. During this time of the pandemic, it’s been so nice to meet a new friend and help turn them into a raving Kpop fan…you know, a little bit of normal! 


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Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Since I Mentioned It

Posted by SaraG on April 29, 2021


I’m going to do it, I’m going to throwback to another throwback post from 2017. On Monday I compared the new Penomeco song to Joah by Jay Park and I immediately had to go out and listen to it because it truly is one of the very best songs ever performed. I don’t know what it is, it just is. 

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My Roommate is a Gumiho

Posted by Stephanie on April 27, 2021


Could you imagine how much vacuuming that would entail? I’m thinking a life-size dog with 9 tails. I’m not sure there’s enough Hoover in the world to take care of that mess. But they probably weren’t thinking about those details when creating the upcoming show, My Roommate is a Gumiho. Good thing that hero looks like he has some muscle!

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Musical Monday – Story Arch

Posted by SaraG on April 26, 2021


It was a really great week for music with Day6, P1Harmony, and (nearest and dearest to my heart) Nu’est all releasing excellent tunes. I’ve had a little more space in my daylight hours to enjoy actual albums while I work and I have to say that now that I somewhat have it back, I’ve missed filling my head with music whilst I while away the hours on my computer. And as I enjoyed the tunes this week, I was lucky enough for lightning to strike – I fell in love with a song at first listen. 

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TWHottie of the Week: Anson Chen

Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2021

Khottie of the Week

This Khottie post was going to be a lot of things. I’ve harvested pictures from three different angles first off a regular Khottie, then, in honor of me house sitting for Alix, my BL partner in crime, which means we did not get our weekly dose of BL in, I was going to do our favorite pairing of HIStory 4: Close To You, started collecting pictures. But then? As I just kept digging and digging. Really, the post morphed into a solo piece for the angular beauty of Anson Chen.

Or, perhaps I could call it, Anson Chen and his mile high neck. Read more

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