20th Show!

Posted by Stephanie on January 19, 2012


Okay, so I just finished watching (or I should say re-watching) Me Too, Flower! (their exclamation mark) and it was so good! (My exclamation mark) But more on that later. Listing the shows I’ve watched for this blog made me realize my next show makes 20! Which puts me in a conundrum. What to watch next? I feel like it should be a good one, but it is Thursday and Kdramas have a way of sucking the time from me. My habit lately has been to watch the ones I’m really looking forward to on the weekend and a regular one mid-week. This usually works for the first couple of episodes on the ‘regular’ one, but then I’m hooked and I’m watching them just as fast as the others. What sleep? I don’t need sleep.

Right now the one I really, really want to see is Secret Garden. It looks great and the reviews have been amazing. However that one I think I will save.

I’ve been toying with Baker King Tak Goo, as it considered one of the greatest Kdramas and stars Yoon Si Yoon who I loved in Me Too, Flower! But that seems to be a very involved melodrama and I’m toying with holding onto that one for an Easter viewing with Aimee.

Here are what I think I’ve narrowed down:

oh my lady
Oh! My Lady Keeping with the shows with exclamation marks in the title

hello missHello! Miss Whoops there’s another exclamation mark–maybe this isn’t going to be as easy as I’d hoped. This show was just released today.

last scandalLast Scandal With no exclamation mark who knows how good this is going to be. It seems to have really good reviews though.

What to choose? Where to go? I’ll keep you posted!

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