Boys Over Flowers Show Introduction

Posted by Stephanie on January 25, 2012


boys over flowersWelcome to the fabulous world of the F4! One of the most popular Kdramas of all time–recognized all around the world. Not kidding, this Kdrama has been rebroadcast in countries ranging from Israel, Peru, and Kazakhstan.

Based on the Japanese manga Jana Yori Dango written by Yoko Kamino. It has been adapted for television by both the Japanese and then later, Korea. Broadcast 1/5/9 -3/31/9, it has 25 episodes, 3 soundtracks, and won several awards for the actors and even Best Drama at the Seoul International Drama awards.

Now that we have the stats out of the way we can get onto the good parts.

This is a show you judge all other Kdramas against. I’m not saying it’s perfect–however it was always entertaining–and it taught me a very valuable Kdrama lesson. NEVER root for the B man in the triangle–no matter how pretty, sweet, and “perfect” he is for the heroine. If you are going to survive these shows, you need to understand this as well or you’ll find yourself throwing the remote at the screen.

I’m not going to lie. One of the reasons I picked this as my second show was 1, Laurie recommended it, so it was a known quotient. And 2–Kim Hyun Joong. After finishing Playful Kiss I was more than happy to watch him in another show. Downside I found I was prejudiced against Goo JunPyo the actual hero (although he did win me by the end)
Basic Premise as written by Drama Fever:

The action takes place in the prestigious Shin Hwa high school in Seoul. Four boys, who comprise the group know as the Flower Four, are the crème de la crème, sons of the wealthiest and most powerful families from Korea. Spoiled, rebellious, flirtatious and mean, these boys are the poster children for the new image of sexiness in Asia, a group of boys who are in fact beautiful – more beautiful than flowers. The leader, Joon Pyo, is the heir to one of the largest Korean conglomerates. Ji Hoo is the grandson of a former Korean president. Yi Jung and Woo Bin complete the group.
Enter cute Jan Di, who works at a porridge restaurant and is daughter to a humble family which owns a dry cleaner. She is accepted into Shin Hwa on a swimming scholarship and has to deal with a world she has only seen from afar. From the start, she faces the scrutiny of the entire school, who consider her an outcast. The boys from F4, who are demigods in this school, take an instant dislike to her. But through her charm and undying optimism, she tries to slowly win the hearts of everyone around her. And of course, a few of the boys will fall for her. Boys from the F4.
Fancy cars, outrageously fashion forward threads and hair styles that put all the boy bands in the US to shame, Boys Over Flowers is eye candy to young and old, with scenes from exotic places like Jeju Island, New Caledonia, Waiheke Island and Macau.

This is going to be a fun review! Keep tuned.

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