Show Introduction: I Really, Really Like You

Posted by Stephanie on March 8, 2012


I Really Really Like YouWow, this week is flying by! Why? Well, one, spring is here. YaY daylight! Two? This week’s show. This week we are reviewing I Really, Really Like You, which is the first show I ever watched which was over 30 episodes. I’m powering through trying to finish in time so I can both do the review on Sunday and watch a new show this weekend. As I’m on episode 20, I am zipping right along, but it’s still going to be close.

Actually both shows I’ve seen with over 30 episodes starred pop princess turned actress Eugene—this weeks, I Really, Really Like You and Creating Destiny. While neither show is on my squee best show list, they aren’t bad. (Oops, I totally forgot about Can You Hear My Heart, which is over 30 and one of my favorite shows. Total squee there.)

I Really, Really Like You (typing this title is going to get really old, really fast) was a first for other reasons as well. This is the only show I’ve ever seen via Netflix disks. Usually when I watch a show, I blow through it watching episode after episode until I’m done. This show, I had to try to time the disks juuussst right. As I am also a procrastinator about sending disks back, it didn’t go well. While, I wouldn’t mind trying it again, Nexflix has a pretty crappy Kdrama selection.

This is also the first series I almost stopped watching. I HATED the character of Lee Bong Ki. Seriously, his behavior in the beginning episodes is awful. I didn’t think I could make it past episode 4. Luckily, I am also pretty stubborn and continued because it turned out to be a pretty decent show.

Lastly, this is the first and only show to completely trick me as to who the hero was. Yes, all Kdramas have a love triangle, but usually it’s clear who the heroine is going to end up with—you may wish it were different (see JiHoo in BOF)—but you know who will end up the winner. In I Really, Really Like You, I was absolutely sure it was one guy, then more than halfway through, I wasn’t sure, then a few more episodes and I was rooting for who I thought was the B guy, and then the last few episodes happened and I was happily surprised. Perhaps it’s due to the longer format of these 30+ episode shows—it has a lot more space for twists and turns.

Okay, so Stat time: I Really, Really Like You (also known as Love Truly) was broadcast on MBS from 4/8/06-8/6/06 and was 34 episodes with high ratings.

Synopsis from Netflix:

Korean pop star and actress Eugene stars as Bong-soon, a country girl who goes to Seoul in search of her missing father and lands a job as an assistant cook in the Blue House — the South Korean presidential residence. In the kitchen, Bong-soon cooks, sings and falls in love — and soon, she begins to suspect that the president himself just might be her father. This romantic TV drama from Korea features an all-star cast.

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