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Posted by Stephanie on March 21, 2012


attic catOkay, so here’s something new. This week’s show I’m going to file under DNF (Did Not Finish). This is an iffy category. Sometimes I stop watching a show because I don’t care about what’s happening or any of the characters, or I just don’t like it. But sometimes I stop watching a show because I drift off for some reason or another (see When It’s at Night and Coffee Prince) which I enjoyed and fully intend to go back at some later date in the future. Should I review things I don’t finish? I’m going to go with, if I dislike it so much I know I can’t finish it, it’s worth talking about. Also, since I know about the first episode syndrome many Kdramas have, I as a rule, give a new show at least 3-5 episodes before I abandon ship. And in the scheme of things, I’ve done this very few times.

So Attic Cat (aka Rooftop Room Cat or Cat on the Roof) is this week’s show. Its hero (stretching that term very loosely) is played by Kim Rae Won, our hero in the show reviewed last week, My Love Patzzi. I would wonder if it’s this guy’s acting I don’t like or if it’s just how the part is written? However, he plays almost the same character in 2 of the 3 shows I’ve seen him in (I’m thinking of bumping next week’s show for A Prince’s First Love just to get the triad of ugh out of the way) so it can’t just be how the character is written. I hear there is a more acclaimed show out there he starred in, but I hesitate to try it.

Anyway, here are the stats. It is written by the writer of another well-known and well received show, Full House. And now after learning that, I’m not sure if I want to see that one… It was originally broadcast on MBC from 6/2/03-7/22/03 According to Drama Wiki, during Attic Cat’s 16 episode run it scored really good ratings.

Synopsis from DramaFever:
Law student Lee Kyung Min (Kim Rae Won) is used to getting what he wants: raised by indulgent grandparents after his parents died, he spends his days chasing girls and enjoying the finer things of life. Spoiled and selfish, there’s only one person he really loves – Na Hye Ryun, a fellow student from a wealthy family. But unbeknownst to Kyung Min, Hye Ryun is already in love with a family friend from a similarly wealthy background, Yoo Dong Joon.

When Hye Ryun ignores his initial advances, Kyung Min befriends Nam Jung Eun (Jung Da Bin), her friend, to get close to her, a poor, not-overly-academic policeman’s daughter whose simple dream is to have an apartment of her own. Having failed employment exams repeatedly, Jung Eun has been reduced to selling newspapers to get enough money to rent an apartment. But when her family decides to move out of town and her younger brother steals the money she’d saved up to rent the attic room of an old building, Jung Eun is left with no options. Kyung Min, seeing his opportunity, jumps in to play the role of gallant rescuer, lending her the money and helping her move in, hoping to impress Hye Ryun. But Hye Ryun and Jung Eun are not, in fact, particularly good friends, and Hye Ryun continues to refuse his advances. Jung Eun in the meantime, initially falling for him because of his kindness, is furious when she finds out he’s been pursuing her to just get to her friend. When loan sharks begin hounding Kyung Min and his grandparents refuse to subsidize him anymore, Kyung Min decides that it’s time to call in Jung Eun’s debt to him, and Jung Eun is too kind-hearted to refuse him when he demands that she let him live with her in her attic. What will happen when a selfish, demanding young lawyer and a self-sacrificing but stubborn young woman live together?

And the trailer:

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