It’s Not A Kdrama Until: Somebody Gets Piggybacked

Posted by Stephanie on March 23, 2012

queen of reversals

Queen of Reversals

Come on, you know what I’m talking about! The whole piggyback as mode of transportation threw me for a loop when I first started watching my very first show. It’s not something you really see here on American TV (unless someone is hoisting around a kid). In Kdrama someone will offer a piggy back ride at the drop of a hat–although usually this is reserved for the heroine and her hero.

I’ve actually gotten to look forward to it.

Get karl

Get Karl

If the heroine is tired, sleeping, drunk, sick or otherwise injured, broke a shoe, forgot her shoes, needs to be cheered up,wants to win a prize, is going away, or if the hero just wants to be cute–up she goes. While mostly it is the heroines being carted around, this is not exclusive. Really, if anyone is found unable to move themselves for some reason, well, the hero’s back is the handiest place to put them. It was pretty funny the first couple of times seeing a grown man carry another grown man on his back–even funnier when it was the heroine hoisting the grown man.

mary stayed out all night

Mary Stayed Out All Night

In looking back at the shows I’ve seen there have only been a handful of times you’ve seen the hero sweeping the leading lady off her feet (which is our usual mode of romantic travel).

In Kdrama touching or ‘skinship’ is fairly uncommon. I’ve gotten to love that as well. It makes every time they do touch meaningful and incredibly sweet. Some of my favorite scenes are where the hero and heroine are debating on whether or not to touch or hold hands. (My favorites which come to mind are Creating Destiny and Pasta). This gives the piggyback an added punch. If you think about it, the piggyback ride is a whole lot more touchy-feely than the front carry–certain parts of a person’s anatomy, mashed against their love interest? Rawr. Even though, yes, the hero will lift anyone in need, for the most part, when I see it, I get a case of the squee’s–seeing it as an obvious sign of their true love. “Or course their going to get together in the end, he’s giving her a piggyback ride!” (Don’t tell JiHoo)

boys over flowers

Boys Over Flowers

Of course, as we see in Playful Kiss, this skinship can go terribly wrong as Baek Seung Jo, in his very Baek Seung Jo, forced to carry Oh Hani, responds by mocking the size of her chest. But luckily, not all heroes are Baek Seung Jo of course. Thank goodness–because I’ve become quite attached to my piggyback rides.

playful kiss 2

Playful Kiss


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