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Posted by Stephanie on March 24, 2012

Top Five

Okay so in honor of my post yesterday talking about Kdrama’s love of the piggyback ride, I decided to do my second Top Five List. I know I was saying that I haven’t seen a ton of these shows (it’s in the high 20’s) I figured I like Top Five lists so I’m doing it anyway. What the heck, I can always revisit later.

So this list is my favorite Piggyback rides! (In no particular order)

Go Eun Chan &Choi Han Kyul, Coffee PrinceCoffee prince

I thought I’d start out with the funniest and most unconventional of the list. In the girl as boy role reversal the heroine of Coffee Prince Go Eun Chan hoists the hero Choi Han Kyul, who was passed out from a single drink of soju, onto her back then proceeds to carry him all over town. This is not her first man carry in the show, but both are pretty funny. This girl must be hella strong.

Choi Han Kyul & Go Eun Chan, Coffee Princecoffee prince 3

Also from Coffee Prince, I love the last piggyback ride Choi Han Kyul gives Go Eun Chan. This isn’t the first piggyback ride he’s given her. After the disastrous unveiling to his family that not only was she a girl but that they were dating, he gave her a half-hearted ride in an effort to cheer her up and make up for how awful his family was to her. While he did want to cheer her up, he was clearly uncomfortable and turned the piggyback into a joke–trying to get their equilibrium back. The real piggyback ride came at the very last episode, she’s about to leave for 2 years and they just spent the night together for the first time. He’s completely comfortable with her and needs the closeness needs to touch her, be near her for whatever time they have left. It’s a scene I can rewind again and again. Come on– look at them–they are so cute!

Cha Dong Joo and Bong Woo Ri, Can You Hear My Heartcan you hear my heart 2

I loved the story of Can You Hear My Heart. In this scene, Cha Dong Joo and Bong Woo Ri decide to put aside for the day, all the troubles and problems currently facing them, and act like a normal couple in love by going on their first official date. They do all the dating sort of things and cap it off with a nice piggy back ride. At the start of the ride, Bong Woo Ri confesses everything, she pours out her heart to him, knowing he can’t hear her or know what she’s saying. She’s preparing for what is to come, what she feels she has to do to make everything right. While Cha Dong Joo doesn’t know what she’s saying, he can sense something is wrong, and he starts to sing her a song–the same song she sang him earlier in the show. This scene shows their amazing connection. They don’t need words to communicate with each other.

Choi Hyun Wook & So Yoo Kyung. Pastapasta 2

In Pasta, the piggyback ride is fast and happens almost at the end of the show. Chef doesn’t coddle So Yoo Kyung, as a matter of fact, to prove his impartiality he’s harder on her than anyone else in the kitchen. This is one of the little scenes which shows you how much he cares for her, how much underneath his tough exterior, he wants to protect the woman he loves but can’t. But in this one moment, when he finds So Yoo Kyung asleep on the garbage bags, after having watched her push herself so hard, he breaks his resolve, bends down, and lifts her into the piggyback. Aww….

Bong Yeong Gyoo & Hwang Soon-Geum, Can You Hear My Heartcan you hear my heart 3 can you hear my heart 4

Going back to Can You Hear My Heart, I have to mention the one piggyback ride I cried my eyes out too–I bet you didn’t know piggyback rides could be sad did you? In this one, Bong Yeong Gyoo carries his mother Hwang Soon-Geum, who has dementia, home from work. The scene mimics one you see a little earlier in the same episode where you learn she chose to become his mother after his real family abandoned him because he was mentally-challenged. In that moment with him on her back, she sings him a song, and laughs about how funny life is. Going back to the end of the episode, he’s carrying his sick mother home, cheering her up by singing a song, completely oblivious to the fact she has passed away. Oh my God, when her hands fell, I cried buckets which didn’t stop until the end of the funeral.
So here’s my list! If you have any good ones, I’d love to hear them.

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