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Posted by Stephanie on April 17, 2012



We’re slowly moving back into the territory of romantic comedy. Creating Destiny was my second long program which incidentally also stared Yoo Jin. More of a family drama than a romantic comedy, at least there will be no tears this week and most importantly, Creating Destiny has a clear happy ending.

I stayed up many a long night watching this show, doing the–one more episode–just one more episode dance. Overall I liked the show and while I had some issues with it–it’s hard–some of the issues I had were more societal issues than any problems with the actual storyline. There were several times where I just wanted to tell the families to butt the heck out, but the more I watch Kdrama, the more I realize this just isn’t done. Besides a few scenes which stand out, this isn’t really a show which has stuck with me. It will be interesting to see it again (and I will try my best not to forward through the cranky parents scenes).

Cutest side note ever–after filming this drama the too leads Yoo Jin and Ki Tae Young started dating and then totally got married. Come on! How cute is that!

Specs aka Seeking Love aired on MBC from 10/10/09-01/24/10 and ran for 31 episodes with fair ratings. (Broke 10% a couple of times)
Synopsis from DramaFever:

Han Sang Eun (Eugene) was forced to pack up and leave Korea at a young age when her father abruptly decided to move to Australia. Years later, having grown up in Australia and completed her law studies in the U.S., she plans to marry her American boyfriend, fellow attorney Alex (Olivier), and has totally forgotten about her life in Korea. The hand of fate, also known as her father, has other plans in mind for her, and before she knows it she has struck a bargain with him and is off to spend a year in Korea. Her father’s plan? To match her up with Kim Yeo Joon, a childhood friend and son of her father’s best friend.

Sang Eun intends to stay just a few weeks to placate her father in order to get his permission to marry Alex. However, the two families, based on a promise made in childhood, have always planned on their children marrying, and Sang Eun soon finds herself in over her head. Kim Yeo Joon, a prickly, stubborn doctor, is equally uninterested in her, but when the two find themselves in the same boat, they reluctantly join forces to outwit their families’ plans.

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