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Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2012

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netflix app 4I’m guessing now you’re saying “Has Crazy For Kdrama ever seen a technology she didn’t like?” Viki App got a really good review, DramaFever app blew me out of the water, and we all know my ongoing love affair with my Roku box.

This was going to be the review to change that. I gleefully imagined the scathing words which would pop from my fingers when I first planned the review for the Netflix app. Oh, how hella crappy that thing was! Out of all the apps this was the dead worst. The screen was completely pixilated, every time the screen buffered the audio sync would jump and not match up, basically it was just a pile of blech. Seriously, for all their issues, Netflix is a big company. I expected better.

If only I had written that two weeks ago as originally planned.

I don’t know if they realized how craptastic their product was and updated it, or maybe my internet just got better, but suddenly the app started working properly. The clarity is great, I haven’t had a single problem with the audio. All in all a solid product.

Now I can tell you the upgrades seem to be on the tablet version. My phone still has the same problems, but as anyone will tell you, my phone is terrible, so I’m not sure if it’s the program which doesn’t work well or if it’s just my phone. In this case, I don’t feel comfortable docking points.

Netflix app 3

Now I don’t have an Apple anything being it iPad or iPhone, but I chatted with my friends who do and the iPad app seems to work (quality wise) just the same as the tablet. Aimee, who uses the Netflix app on her phone for her Kdrama watching, says it works great for her (which is another point in the direction of the problems on my phone just being with the phone itself)

Netflix app 2

Comparing the DramaFever app to Netflix, it seems like Netflix is a more stripped down version–features wise. Where DramaFever has menus and options everywhere you turn, Netflix is very limited.

The set up is a lot like the Netflix channel of the Roku box. You have access to your instant queue, and below that it sets up recommendations set up into categories. For example my categories include Top 10 for me, Foreign Dramas, Korean Comedies, Romantic TV shows, TV dramas featuring a strong female lead, More Like: (whatever I’m currently watching), New Releases, and Recently Added. These can change depending on what you’re watching. It was the joke of my friends when I first signed on to Netflix, they thought I was a gay man who liked British TV. (Not True)

netflix app

These categories can be helpful, however, sometimes they can be WAY off the mark. I remember them recommending American Loggers because I liked Boys Over Flowers. Hmm… I don’t see the connection.
The other downside to the app, which Anne pointed out, is with the search function. The app allows you to only search by TV show title. The website allows you to search by genre (the app says you can, but it doesn’t really work very well), director, actors, act. So you need to go in having a pretty good idea as to what you want to watch.

So all in all a pretty solid app. No bells or whistles, but if I’m there to power through episodes I don’t really need them. Netflix doesn’t really have a big collection of Kdramas, but with their recent addition, it’s not nearly as bad as it was before–which gives me hope for the future.

Oh well–maybe I’ll have better luck disliking the CrunchyRoll app–according to reviews that thing is TERRIBLE!

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