It’s not a Kdrama until: Our Hero Tells the Heroine How Ugly She Is

Posted by Stephanie on May 17, 2012


Now we’ve all been there—you start to get the warm fuzzies for a guy and just at that moment when you find yourselves alone—your possible future honey opens his mouth to say what? Whisper sweet, sweet nothings? Profess his undying love? Well—not if you’re living in Kdrama land. Instead this Korean man-god and possible flower boy tells you just how ugly you are. Usually in detail.

Umm, wait…. What?

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this! We know or at least hope our hero is just teasing, but seriously. And I’m not just talking at the beginning of the show when our main couple is all antagonistic with each other. In the examples I’ve got these heroes are, if not in full on LUV, are clearly on their way there.

Let’s start with my first couple which is not only the first time I saw this happen, but was also my very first Kdrama: Playful Kiss. So throughout the series Baek Seung Jo mocked Oh Hani about her body—she was uncute, flat chested, and generally undesirable—the trifecta of slams. Wow. I can totally understand why she fell in love with him.playful kiss 3

Even on their honeymoon: As an awkward segue in to the wedding night we get closest thing to a declaration from our hero.

BSJ: You’re cute. Occasionally. There are times when you’re pretty. Rarely. But. Why do I like you? You’re not that pretty and you’re only cute occasionally. Why is it that I think about you all the time? You.. What did you do to me?”

Oh yeah, let’s have babies.

In Pasta, our dear Chef talked about how ugly our heroines hands were, which she took as a compliment as her chapped and scarred hands were like a badge of honor to her. So we can let that pass, right?

What we take a little more umbrage with is in the scene we’ve been waiting for most of the show, when Chef admits, in his own A-hole Chef way, that he too likes Yoo Kyung.

“Chef: You have ugly hands and your lips are not much to look at either.
Yoo Kyung: I know
Chef: Even your nose is strange. But there is one thing that looks pretty.
Yoo Kyung: Where?
Chef: Here. (Kisses her eyelid) Since your eyes aren’t too mismatched, here too. (kisses her other eyelid)”

CYHMYAnd finally, in this weeks show, Can You Hear MyHeart? our hero takes our heroine to a club and proceeds to tell her she doesn’t need to worry about what she’s wearing because she was ugly and eeevvvverrry one else in the club is much pretty than she is.

“Bong Uri: You’re playing with me aren’t you?
Dong Ju: Yes, I’m teasing you because I don’t like you.
Bong Uri: What?
Dong Ju: Look. You’re the ugliest one here. But how could you do that? How could you do that? You’re ugly. from now on, don’t care bout the people in here. Don’t think about the people who are not here. Got that?”

What is going on? These ladies are super pretty. (Although, if our hero Choi Dong Ju in CYHMH had made fun of Bong Uri’s haircut, I would totally have been on board with that.) I do understand that they are teasing, but Choi Dong Jo makes Bong Uri cry and that’s just uncool. I’d say come on guys, that’s not how you get the ladies, but well, they all get the ladies.

Am I missing something?

Don’t get me wrong. I love these shows, I love these heroes. Actually, looking back, I love those scenes too because each one of them is building to something. But there are some times where I want my heroines to turn around and say: If I’m so ugly, why are you here? Seriously. This is Kdrama. Our heroes need to get wise to the fact there is almost always a B Guy waiting in the wings for their own chance to whisper sweet nothings. And something tells me our B Guys would never tell their sought after prey that they were ugly. They’re B Guys, they’re just not built that way.

But that’s why a B Guy is a B Guy and will always remain so. Apparently us ladies love our heroes to be of the alpha, jerky, I’m way cooler than you are variety.

You know. So long as they’re just teasing.

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