Time To Come Clean: My Secret Kdrama Shame

Posted by Stephanie on May 23, 2012


49 daysSo I did it again. I totally cheated. After the last time, I told myself I would never cave, I would stand firm in my resolve and do what was right.

But I’m a liar. And I’m a Cheater McCheaterson.

I know what I do would horrify some of my fellow Kdrama Addicts and would probably get myself stripped of my own Addict title, but I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes I just need to know what happens.

If I cheat (and I do this with books too) it’s for one of two reasons:
1) I have no interest in actually seeing the story, but the premise has just enough of a twist to pique my interest.
2) I am kind of interested in the story, but I need an additional push to get me over the hump.

Now there are some shows, I don’t want any hint, not a tiny inkling of what happens during the entire course of the plot (Secret Garden, King2Hearts, Rooftop Prince). This can be difficult due to the fact that I refuse to watch a show until it is complete. If I’m not careful, I can have an entire show spoiled (Kimchi Family). I actually had to stop reading the comments on DramaFever’s Facebook page. I’d be strolling along, reading what people were saying, enjoying the feeling of community–when whammo–someone will spill the beans on an entire plot with nary a *Spoiler*.kimchi family

Once your eyes see something, you can’t unsee it. (See? Even spellcheck says there is no such thing as unsee.)

However, I am also weird and there are times or shows where I want to be spoiled. I deliberately go out there looking for spoilers to really see if a show is worth my time. Yes, cheating, but I’ve already admitted to that. In which case, usually my first stop is Wikipedia. Sometimes those pages are created by a rabid fan who reveals everything. If that doesn’t work, I check out the reviews on DramaFever’s website, where once again, in a fans excitement (or disgust) they will give more details on how the show ends. Now I also pop over to DramaBeans to see if they recapped the series.

There are times though, when none of these ways give me the information I need and I have to go to more drastic measures. Okay. Here it is, try not to judge me too harshly:

I watch the last episode.

Whew. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest.

The first time I ever did this was with the melodrama 49 Days. The premise looked like it was a weepy. A super weeper. The most spoilers I was getting was the fact that while people seemed to love the show they hated the ending with a burning fire–which intrigued me-just not enough to actually watch the show. Then one day, while procrastinating writing my review, I decided to just take a peek, and ended up watching the whole episode. I can understand what people were talking about. I really liked the Scheduler and said, “Hey, maybe I’ll watch this.” But underneath I know I won’t.

sang doo lets go to school

The second show which I broke down and watched the end to was Sang Doo, Go To School! Now this show had been on my radar since it was released on DramaFever last month. Unfortunately, I realized I was excited for it because I actually thought it was Biscuit Teacher, which sadly, it’s not. It wasn’t a total loss however, as it did star Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta) and Lee Dong Gun (When It’s At Night), who I both really like. The premise though, seemed troubling, and I hate to say it but I never caught the Rain Bug that a lot of other Kdrama fans have.

When I attempted my sneak peeks at the reviews, I learned that people hated the ending on this one as much if not more than the ending of 49 Days. It was called “vague and unhappy”. I hate both vague and unhappy endings. Another Kdrama admission here, which I have made before. I love happy endings. I wrote romance for a reason, people! While I don’t need everything tied up in a tight bow, and I even sometimes find it irritating when every single person including bad guys get a good ending (Can You Hear My Heart), I need for my main couple at least to be together and happy. I’m sorry, it’s just how I’m built.

So, I was doing some research on a different blog post and ran across Sang Doo again. And I caved. Now, with 49 Days, I was actually pretty hooked and watched the entire episode. With Sang Doo though, I just kept skipping ahead. I understand what people were talking about with the ending however, I’m cool with it. I choose to believe that what they showed was their happy ending. Am I going to watch the whole show? Eh, probably not.

So there it is. My Sordid Secret. Do with it what you will. Am I ashamed of myself? Yep. Will I do it again? I’m going to say no.

But we all know I’m a liar. And a big fat cheater.

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