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Posted by Stephanie on May 30, 2012


So my admission of my terrible habit of cheating last week brought up the subject of abandoned shows. Usually my rule for Kdrama is 3 episodes. I’m not allowed to make a judgment until at least 3 episodes in. This gets me past the dreaded First Episode Syndrome, where I don’t know why; I just don’t care for the first episodes of a lot of shows. I shudder to think how many good shows would I have missed out on if I had abandoned it after the first episode as I originally wanted. Off the top of my head we’ve got Stars Falling From The Sky, Coffee Prince, Greatest Love, and Can You Hear My Heart (the list is actually pretty long.)

I think 3 episodes is a good number to aim for when trying to settle on a show. It’s long enough to get the introductions and a lot of the set up out of the way. The writers have settled down from the “gotta grab viewers attentions” frenzy of the beginning. With 3 episodes you’ve got enough hours under your belt to properly make a judgment on the decision to stick with or abandon a series. If I hit 3 episodes and give it up, I refuse to feel guilty about it. The show had its chance and squandered it. My Kdrama viewing time is very valuable here people!

So here’s a quick rundown of shows I’ve abandoned like a shoe on the side of a road.

Gave up after 3 episodes

9 end  2 out
9 End 2 Outs: I kept waiting to like this one. I kept saying just one more episode, but then I realized I actively didn’t like any of the characters, there seemed to be no plot, and I was antsy to try something new.


Smile Dong Hae: This one is not good. It’s not a good show at all. Seriously, I get through it with liberal use of the FF button. That being said, I’ve seen 20 episodes. And I fully intend to finish the series once it’s complete on DramaFever. It’s like Kdrama crack. I Must Know What Happens.

oh my lady

Oh! My Lady: This one just never fully won me over. I didn’t really care about anyone except maybe the little girl, she was cute. Once the ex-girlfriends arrived on the door and put in the fake tears in her eyes I was like, eh, I think I’m done. Then the Roku channel cut out and I just never went back to it. (Although kind of funny, while writing this I’m watching back episodes of Running Man and am on the episode where the 2 guys from Super Junior–one of them the star of Oh! My Lady–and I really like him. Oddly it kind of makes me want to give the show a second try…maybe)


Attic Cat: Ugh. I made it through 10 episodes. Ugh. Enough said here

my princessMy Princess: Eh. It had an iteresting premise, but I didn’t care for the new princess, I hated the grandfather and after episode four I just didn’t care enough to kepe going.

Once Upon A Time In Saengchori: This was a weird one. A lot of characters, no real leads. I was slightly interested in the guy who was hit by lightning, but I think that was just because he was cute and he had the most interesting backstory. Beyond that once again, I just didn’t care. Also, reviews said it ended really badly.let's marry

Let’s Marry: This one was interesting. I just hadn’t realized it was like 50+ episodes. It was pretty early in my drama watching— I totally just remembered I cheated on this one too! When I learned it was so long, I also learned people thought the show had ended badly. *hangs head* So, I watched the last episode. I wouldn’t rule finishing up the rest of this show; I just don’t think it’s likely.

One or Less Episodes:
(Yes there were a few I just couldn’t follow through on the 3 episode rule.)hello miss

Hello Miss! This looked cute when it was first released on DramaFever. I actually watched the first episode the same night. I didn’t enjoy the episode; I just really didn’t get it. It had a weird tone and I can’t see myself going back to this one.

One Percent of Anything: I’m pretty sure the only reason I stopped watching this show during the first episode was the yellow subtitles. I didn’t really care for the first episode, but as I said, I don’t care for a lot of first episodes. I’ve heard this is cute, so I will probably eventually go back to it. Eventually.I need romance

I Need Romance: I didn’t like the characters and I didn’t care. I know I should go back and follow through with my watch 3 episodes rule, but I can’t see myself doing it.

So there is hope for these sad abandoned dramas. There are a few shows I’ve picked back up and finished, and a few of them I really enjoyed. Who knows, maybe one of the others I abandoned was a big mistake that I will eventually slap myself on the forehead for later. But for now? There are way too many unwatched shows I haven’t seen to stick around and watch an apparent dud. Later when the fields aren’t quite so green perhaps I’ll go back and dig around some more for something I overlooked.

Eventually Picked Back Up and Finished

coffee houseCoffee House: Yep, and I wished I hadn’t. I originally stopped this one due to the yellow subtitles (before I learned the couch trick) and I didn’t care for the girl you first meet who you think is the main lead. Ugh. Everyone was terrible and deserved to be together in the end. Ugh.

Coffee Prince: So, so happy I picked this up. I believe it has now replaced Can You Hear My Heart in the top 3 shows. I’m still not entirely clear as to why I stopped, either I wanted to savor it, or I didn’t like the direction I thought it was taking. Luckily, for review I picked it back up and loved it. Welcome to the Top Three Coffee Prince, welcome.when it's at night

When It’s At Night: Another subtitle problem made me stop watching this drama however I wasn’t too heartbroken about it as I hadn’t been super attached. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. Another one I’m so glad I picked up as now it’s totally my go-to comfort drama.

Can You Hear My Heart: Sad depressing backstory + low production value = Stephanie jumps ship. I’m so glad I went back to this one. While it’s not in the top 3 favorite shows, it still sits happily in my top 5. So many twists and turns plus a super sweet and cute couple at the time it was THE must see tv.

Of course there are a lot of dramas I have finished due to sheer tenacity. The whole, I’ve gotten this far mentality. Just because I’ve finished doesn’t necessarily mean I super enjoyed it (Life Special Investigation Unit). Why do I abandon one show and dig my heals in on another? Who knows? There is no rhyme or reason to a Kdrama addicts brain.

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