Thank You God’s of Kdrama: Part II

Posted by Stephanie on May 31, 2012


Ask and you shall receive. Seriously we’re getting good at this! The first time we requested dramas to become available we got one off the list plus one that I really wanted but forgot to ask for (Love and Marriage and Running Man respectively). This time? Well, we didn’t get all 5 I asked for.

We got Two.

See every time we ask, we get get more! Next time I send out a Plea, I totally expect to get three.

Which ones were we granted do you ask? Well, DramaFever is simulcasting A Gentleman’s Dignity

a gentlemans dignity

and Hulu is slowly getting The Marriage Plot, or as they call it, The Wedding Scheme.

wedding scheme

I found it the other day and there were 3 episodes posted and today there are 5! I was worried because sometimes Hulu doesn’t get the whole show–but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

In other pretty awesome news, Hulu has added another source for Kdrama, CJ Entertainment. Currently it doesn’t have a lot of shows, however, it does have a few drama’s you can’t watch elsewhere such as The Marriage Plot, but also, Hero (which is getting good reviews), and 12 Men In a Year (they call it 12 Signs of Love).

This is great news for Kdrama! Hulu’s Korean Drama section now has 7 pages. While Hulu is not my favorite way to watch shows, I can’t complain about this Kdrama gift!

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