Musical Monday: The Brown Eyed Girls Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 11, 2012


brown eyed girl

Brown Eyed Girls have almost made the Musical Monday List a couple of times, with a couple of different songs. Their music videos seem to always be very attention grabbing. This one I like the song, it’s pretty catchy. The music video is, well I don’t want to say dirty, but its a little dRty. I wonder if it had any troubles getting past the censors there?

Another reason why I love this song and video? Whenever I hear the chorus and see the Brown Eyed Girls do the main dance, I’m taken back to the Kdrama Assorted Gems, where the two crazy grandmothers decide to learn the dance so they can go on a TV variety show. So cute.


Brown Eyed Girls, Abracadabra

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