Cutest Story Ever? Probably

Posted by Stephanie on June 20, 2012


queen in hyun's man

This just warms my romantic soul. In  a case of life imitating art imitating life—you know if, in real life, a Joseon scholar found a magic amulet which has the ability to transport him into the future—I’m sure that happens all the time, right?

During a press conference for the popular drama Queen In Hyun’s Man, the lead actor Ji Hyun Woo confessed his sincere feelings for his leading lady Yoo In Na.

“I wanted to make this confession in front of the fans who enjoyed our drama. I sincerely love Yoo In Na”

Come on. How freaking cute is that? But wait, it gets cuter.

With Korea and their scandals it was a huge hullabaloo. This just doesn’t happen there.  Reports from there seemed to make it out that she hadn’t had any knowledge of his intentions to speak or even his feelings ahead of his announcement. Reactions ranged from giving him support for having the courage to follow his heart (In a very Kdrama like manner of course) to chiding him for putting Yoo In Na in an uncomfortable condition.

Then over the weekend it was reported they were spotted looking very cozy walking in a park. Were they actually on a date? Was she letting him down nicely? We needed to know!

Then Monday on a radio program Yoo In Na confirmed they had decided to date.

“Before thinking about the end result, I asked myself if this was the kind of love that I could attempt. If I wasn’t completely confident, then my work would have been that much harder, but I found that confidence.”

“I agonized over this for about ten days, and we decided to simply and purely respond to our hearts. Two days ago, I called Ji Hyun Woo who calmly waited for me through a very anxious situation, and while we were walking in the park, we decided that he will stop being ‘In Hyun’s Man’ and instead, start being ‘Yoo In Na’s Man’.”

“I like him, I am confident. He gave me that confidence. I want to be in a beautiful relationship, more than anyone else.”

I think we can all agree this may be the cutest news to come out of the actual Kdrama world in a while. Heck, it could be it’s own Kdrama. It makes me want to check out those other shows—The World They Live In (?)—to see romance in the fictionalized backlot.

Well, you know, after I check out Queen In Hyun’s Man. It looked cute before and got really great reviews, but now I MUST see it. Welcome to the top of the TBW list QIHM, I think you may have even beaten out Secret Garden.





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