What’s Next Fourth of July Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 30, 2012


So it’s been a while since I’ve had a What’s Next update that didn’t involve Smile Dong Hae. No, not because I’ve finished it, although I plan on taking a big chunk out of it today. Nope, I will actually be watching something new next week!

Something new? It’s been so long, I’m not really sure what that means anymore. How is this mystical event happening? Well, Kate, my non-Kdrama watching friend knows one of the few ways to drag me out of my house now is to offer to do a Kdrama marathon with me. Seriously guys, I’m like a little kid. “You want me to get in the van? Well okay, so long as you have candy.”

And I don’t want to make it sound lame like all I do is sit around and watch tv all day. Now that I work from home this is what my day looks like:

Get up, work in this office during the day:room

After work, move to this office and work on the blog for a whileroom2

Finally, (now that my laptop is partially working) end up here. Catching up on episodes. I am plugged in at all times. (Although sometimes my couch is in that spot instead 🙂room3

So Fourth of July is upon us and Kate has waved the Kdrama candy beneath my nose and I’m making the epic journey from my couch to hers. Is it weird be celebrating the birth of our country by watching Korean Television? I’m pretty sure it’s got to be in there somewhere. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Kdrama?

Anyway. So now it comes to the time to make some choices. Here are the guidelines.

1. It must be available on Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, or DramaFever. (Unfortunately, this eliminates Queen In Hyuns Man) Also preferably Netflix or DramaFever as I’m not a fan of Hulu Plus’ commercials.

2. It must be 16 episodes or less. As I have to work both Tuesday and Thursday, this leaves limited hours available for watching.

3. It needs to good. Have I mentioned it’s been a loooongg time since I’ve watched something new? Not that I haven’t been enjoying the heck out of Smile Dong Hae.

4. Both Kate (the non-Kdrama watcher) and I have to agree to it. Kate prefers shows not about teenagers. I don’t mind them. She likes government shows like 24 and Criminal Minds. I do not.
So, as former roommates (10 years) we have a shorthand to making decisions as to watch movie we’ll watch, what restaurant we’ll eat at, what Christmas tree we’d pick out. This came around from my hatred of the usual conversation “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Ugh, I hate that. So here’s the rule. One person will suggest the options she’d like and the other will make the final decision. In this case, since I’m the Kdrama junky here, I’ll make the list and she’ll do the picking. So, I’m looking at my Handy-DandyTBWList to pick out some opportunities.

Here’s what I’m thinking about so far:joseon xfiles
Secret Investigation Record. Showing on DramaFever, 12 episodes. Also known as the Joseon X-Files. Way back when Kate and used to love the X-Files. So this is a strong contender. Although I don’t know how Kate will do with the historical aspect of it.Flower-Boy-Ramyun-Shop003

Flower Boy Ramen Shop. DramaFever, 16 episodes (and the episodes are around 45 minutes rather than an hour.) I’ve been meaning to watch this one for a while. One of my commenter’s said it is really good.
Love and Marriage. DramaFever, 16 episodes. I really wanted to see this before DramaFever ever got it, but I’ve kind of faded a bit. It looks like a cute straightforward romance. I like those. I like the hero. I just don’t know if Kate’s going to choose it.shut up flower boy band

Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Drama Fever, 16 episodes. Hm. This one is probably a long shot. It is a story involving high schoolers and it’s a musical. Not that Kate doesn’t like musicals, it’s just the last one we watched was I Am Legend was about a band (or at least the good parts were).
Can you guys suggest anything? Any help would be appreciated!

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