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Posted by Stephanie on July 15, 2012


life special investigation team 2

Dear writers. Farts are not that funny. Okay, so I’m human, maybe the first one is funny. However, a running gag of fart jokes, yeah, not funny. FYI.

That aside. This was an ‘eh’ show. It seems we are in another stream of ‘eh’ with I Am Legend, Lie To Me, Life Special Investigation Team and the upcoming Coffee House. Although, looking at that list now, we go from ‘eh’ to ‘oh, come on!’ It’s possible I’ve been in a Kdrama slump for a while.

This was my first attempt at watching a different genre with in the Kdrama world–meaning no romance. The show is very episodic each episode focusing on a single insurance case–well–until the last couple of episodes. The show actually caught me at the beginning having just meant to watch a single episode, but that’s how it is with Kdrama sometimes.

Now, with the episodic feel and the show only being 12 episodes, I would have thought this was a cable show, but Life Special Investigation Team was actually broadcast on MBS. It ran from 4/12/08-6/29/08.

The lead actor Uhm Ki Joon, you learn he is a musical actor, which explains the random scene where he follows the lady detective home while earnestly singing to her. DUDE. I just totally realize this guy also plays the teacher in Dream High. I’m getting good at this!
Synopsis from DramaFever:

Park Chan Ho (Uhm Ki Joon) is a gifted insurance investigator with a love/hate relationship for three things: alcohol, women, and con artists. Joo Kang Lee (Shim Eun Jin) is a driven, no-nonsense investigator who is also a gifted liar. When they’re paired together, the criminals of Korea don’t stand a chance. Alongside their quirky team of colleagues, from the neurotic Gong Chul Soo to the paranoid Bae Dong Shik, they track down the truth and get through the day, living life as a special investigation team.

There is no opening or trailer for Life Special Investigation Team, looking around, I’m not even sure they have an OST. I wasn’t able to find ratings, but I’m guessing it couldn’t have done very well.


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