Musical Monday: The W&Whale Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 23, 2012



Okay, so I’m super proud of this Musical Monday. Why? I totally found them myself. Alright, so maybe it’s more I stumbled across them on YouTube, but I did so without anyone’s help.

I’ve checked out a few of their songs, and this one seems to be my favorite. Of course, it could be the music video. So. Cool. Highly stylized. Kind of Matrix-y in parts, parts are well, a very scary Big Bird? You know, if Big Bird was a woman in a bird costume and if Sesame Street had a very scary back alley where a demented serial killer lived.

You know—that I might watch!

Oh, and FYI? The cuts and strobes of this video may be enough to cause a seizure first thing Monday morning, so use caution!

W&Whale (Love the name), Break It Down

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