Way to go Netflix!

Posted by Stephanie on July 23, 2012


netflix 3Seriously guys, they are stepping up their Kdrama game. Which can only mean we are already on the winning team!

I should probably back it up a little bit. So, this weekend I hiked. And hiked. And hiked. On Sunday I rewarded me and my aching bones with a little Kdrama. Since I didn’t want to start anything new–wait! Don’t leave! There’s a legitimate reason why I didn’t want to pick up a new show for that one day. I still have to finish the show for review this week and as much as I don’t want to, I really need start Coffee House, which is up for review very soon. I remember disliking it a lot, so I need to rewatch to pinpoint why if I don’t like it and possibly give it another try. Eh, I’m not holding out much hope. Anyway a new show would bleed into this week, and I just couldn’t allow myself any reason to procrastinate.

Anyway, since it was my special day, I decided to do something I’d meant to do for a while, check out some of the cute Kmovies on Viki. So my day consisted of sitting on the couch, in front of the TV, watching movies on my phone. Go figure. (God’s of Kdrama, are you listening? You can grant my wish for a Viki Roku channel any time now.) So I watched some cute ones. I saw He Was Cool, which is very cute, A Perfect Match, which was also super cute and had an unexpected Lee Sun Gyun cameo, and Please Teach Me English. Please Teach Me English may have been my favorite of the day.

What does this all have to do with Netflix? Well, I’m getting there. I’m nothing if not wordy.

Anyway, I ended the day watching Love in Magic. Which was a lot longer than I expected. Ummm. And a lot dirtier. Seriously. I saw HaHa naked. I tried to convince myself that the guy playing this side character COULDN’T be HaHa from Running Man. I was just being silly. Unfortunately, Wikipedia set me straight. HaHa, what are you doing!?! Although, I have to admit, it was a funny scene.

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