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Posted by Stephanie on July 25, 2012


So we’re getting to that time. The current shows on the air are now either just finished or finishing up in the next couple of weeks. So I thought we’d check back in with these shows to see which ones are likely to make it onto my TBWList. And to make it fun we’ll play the hot/cold game. a gentlemans dignity

We’ll start out with the best, or the one I’m most excited for, A Gentleman’s Dignity. From comments that I’ve read it’s not great, the heroine is annoying, there isn’t a real plot, and nothing ever happens. So with all these ringing endorsements, why do I want to see it? The premise looks cute and come on, it’s me, and we all know my love of shows with no real plot. Episodes which are dragged along by the power of it’s characters alone. I don’t know why, it just is. So this? Once it’s done, absolutely yes it’s going on the TBWList. Verdict: HOT!

i do i doI Do, I Do. This one is a big pile of ‘eh’ for me. I really wanted to be excited about this one. Reviews have been good. It seems to have a good plot, good actors, and pretty, pretty shoes. I just don’t really care. I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with it, but looking at the pictures I realized the hero is the bratty half-brother from Smile Dong Hae. The one who irritated the bejesus out of me. So will this to on the list? Eh. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but sadly, it seems to be on the bottom rung. Verdict: Cold.bridal mask

Bridal Mask (Gakistal). I heard this is really, really good and suspenseful. The era is interesting as you don’t see a show taking place in the thirties very often. Even in American television. I’m interested just to see the costumes. Hmm. Will I watch it? Okay, I’m going to be honest. I know it’s supposed to be really good. I’m sure it is. While I am intrigued I can’t see myself just picking up this show. It’s the suspense. I don’t do suspense very well. You may not know this about me but I’m a very anxious person. If I watch this, I’d probably be riding my FF button pretty hard, which is totally cheating. Hm. It will still go on the list though because it is supposed to be really good. I think it will be filed right next to Padam, Padam. Shows that are on your list because they should be on the list. Verdict: Slightly Warmghost 3

Ghost. Okay, to be honest again, I don’t really know much about this one. It’s not on DramaFever but it is on Viki and Hulu. I believe it’s a procedural having to do with internet crime? If that is the case I’m totally putting it on the list. I think it’s supposed to be really good and well written. Unfortunately, since it’s not on DramaFever, I will watch it, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Verdict: Cool

bigBig. This one I just don’t know. I think it will entirely depend on how it ends. Yep, this is a cheater. If it’s not a happy ending, nope, I’m not watching. And for some reason I’m getting sad ending vibes from Big. You never can tell with the Hong Sisters. I’ve heard mixed reviews on this show. Apparently it’s not getting the ratings it was expected. And, oh yeah, Gong Yoo. For some reason I’m just not as interested as I should be in this show. Color me surprised. We still have two episodes left, so let’s cross our fingers. Verdict: Shivery (but I reserve the right to change.)dr jin

Dr Jin. Okay, so at the beginning I was totally like, I just don’t care. However I’m hearing reports about how crazy awful it is. Like, crazy AWESOME awful. Not only do I now want to watch this, I think I’m going to take it to Margarita Movie night with the McFeeley’s as this amount of crazy needs to be shared. Don’t believe me? See this conversation between Jami and me:

See? Somebody on Twitter tweeted that to me and for the life of me, I can’t find it! If this was you, it happened on 7/18, please let me know and I’ll give you credit. As that one sentence NEEDS credit. Verdict: Hot Tamale! (with the caveat of watching it with friends. And booze.)
So it’s not quite the super season last season was. However, I’m going to keep my eye out for the finales.

I’d also like to say I’m highly suggestible, so let me know what YOU think!

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