Musical Monday: The Mighty Coala Edition

Posted by Stephanie on July 30, 2012


mighty coalaToday’s Musical Monday is just adorable. Yep, that’s the only way to describe both the song and the band, ADORABLE. Come on. Their name is Mightly Coala. It doesn’t get more adorable than that.

We’re slowing it down this week and stepping outside of our usual Kpop happy place to slide into a little Kindie. I’m really going to have to be on the look-out for more of these Indie artists, as usually what I listen to in my non-Korean life is not super main-stream. Iron and Wine anyone? Or how about a little Elvis Perkins?

This song is just so cute, it makes me smile when the music starts and just giggle a little when the lead singer goes to work. Listening to it makes me think this song would be totally at home on the Juno soundtrack. If you’ve heard it, you will instantly know what I’m talking about. Just cute little songs sung earnestly by deceptive newbies.

I’m definitely going to have to pick up more of their work. YouTube, here I come!

Mighty Coala, 열대야

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