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Posted by Stephanie on August 7, 2012


god's quiz 2 2

So I bet you expected me to we’d be reviewing Coffee House this week. I know. It’s like a band-aid I should just rip it off rather than just postponing the inevitable. But I’m a procrastinator. And an avoider. It’s what I do.

However, this week I have a totally good excuse. I mean reason. Valid reason. This weekend I head to VT for a visit/bridal shower. Which would just not give me enough time procrastinate watching the show and getting the review out. However, God’s Quiz Season Two is a shorter series, I really like it, and well, that’s what we’re going to do. But next week. Coffee House for sure.

So back to God’s Quiz. As I gushed for about 5 posts including a very long review, I love this show. Separating the two seasons though has been interesting. Season Two is very good, however I think in my brain, it’s overshadowed by the ending. The last like three episodes are crazy exciting, but it leaves a lot of questions, and some ‘what the?’ moments. I just don’t think it’s as well written as the first season. And now that I know it was actually written by two separate people, it’s more understandable.

I didn’t realize until I split up the seasons for review that whenever I rewatch God’s Quiz it’s strictly Season One. It will be interesting to rewatch Season Two with a more observant eye.

So, Specs:
God’s Quiz 2 ran on OCN for 12 episodes from 06/10/11-09/26/11.

Synopsis from Hulu:

God’s Quiz season 2 has come back with a bigger scale and spectacle than the previous season. Aside from the simple crimes, it is to find out the truth on huge cases that stabs the heart of the nation’s society and the rare diseases that is behind all that. In addition, with an upgraded CG, the autopsy is portrayed authentically. Each character’s role and personality is reinforced to add more professionalism to the investigation series. In addition, doctor Han Jin Woo who survived a life risking confrontation against Tanatos will go up against a more mysterious violent crimes.

We don’t have the opening credits but the network did put out a little teaser trailer.


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