Soundtrack Sunday: God’s Quiz Season 2

Posted by Stephanie on August 14, 2012


god's quiz2

Holy Cow. This is an awesome soundtrack. I really loved their choice of music through this season. It was sharp and slick with heavy beats. As I watched this season I kept thinking to myself “I have to own this.” Kind of like what I did with Coffee Prince. I was determined that this would butt something out of my Top 5 soundtrack list.

Then I went on iTunes.

And it’s not available for purchase. Ack! Are you freaking kidding me? I was on a mission. I checked Amazon, and they had one song. On iTunes I was able to find one song. I even checked on yesasia. Nothing. Checking YouTube I was only able to find 4 songs. One lame ballad. One ballad sung by Dr. Han, Ryu Deok Hwan and two of the awesome songs.

Then it struck me. What if that was it? What if I just kept hearing the same 2 awesome songs over and over again? It could happen. Kdrama does that. My question is though, wouldn’t I have noticed?

Anyway, I’ll have to do more research on this. And if this is the case, unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave it off the soundtrack list. I can’t bump anything on the strength of 2 songs alone.

Awesome song # 1. Untouchable, Question. This is actually an official MV for the show, with bits of dialog.
[youtube] [youtube]

Ballad sung by Ryu Deok Hwan, 너뿐이야 풀버전 공개
(yep, I still find him freaking cute!)
Awesome song #2. Hlin, Redd (honestly, looking at some of Elin’s other songs, this may be one of my new favorite Korean bands. So awesome. I already have one picked out for Musical Monday)

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