Casting News: Jang Hyuk/Daniel Henney

Posted by Stephanie on August 18, 2012


Iris 2
Raise your hand if you’ve seen Iris. I know you can’t see me, but my hand is definitely not raised. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Iris. Consensus is while Iris is not very good, it’s still miles better than its spin-off Athena: Goddess of War. Which doesn’t say much. I hear Iris has one of those frustrating, ambiguous endings and since I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened at the end of Joseon X-Files, I’m not eager to jump into another one.

There have been rumbles for a while, or at least as long as I’ve been part of the Kdrama community, that the makers of Iris want to do a full on sequel. The rumors have also met with mixed reviews.

Just recently though, it has not only been confirmed that there will be an Iris 2, it is also fairly certain Jang Hyuk is in the final stages of signing up to lead the drama.

Well, now they have my interest piqued. I’ve been a big fan of Jang Hyuk since seeing him in the Kdrama, Thank You. Just recently I also saw him in the super cute Kmovie, Please Teach Me English. Where he was indeed, super cute. His presence in Tree with Deep Roots is even almost enough to make me want to check out another sageuk.

So this I will keep my eye out for. If he does officially sign on, I will probably watch Iris so I can check out the sequel.

Yay, Jang Hyuk!

In more Iris casting news? Daniel Henney is also in talks to also be on Iris 2. This will be his first kdrama roll since Spring Waltz in 2006. So I’ve never seen anything Mr. Henney has been in, but he was a KHottie, so “ding! ding!” interest is immediate.

Yay, Daniel Henney?

Bwahaha, Brohoho, that’s a lot of pretty in one show if both these guys sign on!

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