Show Introduction: A Gentleman’s Dignity

Posted by Stephanie on August 28, 2012


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It’s not any surprise that I really enjoyed this show. Everything in A Gentleman’s Dignity was well done. It was well written, smartly directed, rocked a great soundtrack, had some fun effects, and the acting was top notch. It has one of the best friendships in all of Kdrama.

Win. Win. Win.

Now, I’m not saying A Gentleman’s Dignity is perfect. As the show went on, there was a plot turn which changed the whole show from fun and heartfelt, to a heart twisting melodrama. Now, perhaps it’s a cultural thing and I’ll have to get into it in a full review, but I personally was watching while saying ‘okay, well that sucks, but so what?’.

But even through all that, because we had the first 12(ish) episodes of the show, getting to know and love these characters, my enjoyment of the show made it through.

In this drama I laughed (a lot), cried, and just generally fell in love with these people.

Except the golf pro. She still irritates me.

A Gentleman’s Dignity (or Gentleman’s Class) ran on SBS for 20 episodes from 5/26/12-8/12/12. The show opened to solid ratings and just kept climbing throughout its run.

Synopsis from DramaFever

Described as the “male version of Sex in the City”, Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) is a playboy architect who refuses to admit he’s getting old; Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro, God of Study) finds himself in a complicated relationship with a cold-hearted woman; Choi Yoon (Kim Min Jong, Athena) is a timid lawyer, struggling to get over the wife he lost seven years ago; and Lee Jong Rok (Lee Jong Hyuk, Chuno) is a vain man who married an older woman for her fortune. Kim Do Jin finds love at first sight when he continuously crosses paths with Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a local high school teacher. The only problem is, Yi Soo has her sights set on one of Do Jin’s best friends!

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