A Kdrama Roller Coaster

Posted by Stephanie on August 31, 2012


There’s always a bright side.

So as we know this week I’ve been rewatching A Gentleman’s Dignity for Sunday’s review. (Yeah. That’s it. For review. It’s not that I didn’t really want to see it again. Yeeeaaahhh.)

Anywho. Also I’ve had a pretty crappy week. Ugh. Real life. Y U get in the way of kdrama watching? So I finished working and todays kickin’ post on my favorite A Gentleman’s Dignity moments and went downstairs to reward myself with some AGD episodes.

Only DramaFever and my Roku box had a different idea. I settled in for my episode and was horrified to find that the subtitles didn’t work.


No subtitles for episode 12, 13, or 14. Now let me tell you, after the week I had I was cheesed off. This will periodically happen for some reason and eventually will come back on. All you do is move to a different show and wait for them to come back. One other thing I can do is check out another Kdrama channel called, aptly enough, Kdrama.

Sometimes the channel Kdrama has some of the same shows as DramaFever so I’ll just continue my watching there. However. Burned again! No A Gentleman’s Dignity.

Where does the bright side come in?

The bright side is that Kdrama actually has a movie I’d read a review for and really wanted to see. Being that it was a Kmovie, I figured I’d never get to. But there it was!

The Gods of Kdrama take-ith away, the God’s of Kdrama give-ith.

UPDATE? I just went to look up the name of the movie and realized–nope–it wasn’t what I thought it was. GOSH DARN IT. So no bright side. Apparently Stephanie has angered the God’s of Kdrama. Hrm. And now the subbs are working on the AGD episodes, so yay, however this rollercoaster has made me dizzy and I want to get off.


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