What’s next. I don’t knnnoooowww!

Posted by Stephanie on September 21, 2012


Seriously? I looked at the last time I posted a What’s Next post and it was 8/17. Dude. That was over a month ago. It has officially been a month since I’ve watched a new Kdrama. How wrong is that?!? My Kdrama fan-girl status should be stripped from me! I no longer deserve to consider myself one of you.

However, I do plan to rectify that this weekend. After a month of having to actually work through my weekends, I am ready for my couch and my butt to have some quality time.

That only leaves what to watch. I don’t know! Last time (all that time ago) I knew exactly what I was going to do. A Gentleman’s Dignity. And I did not regret it. This time? Well, I haven’t finished Greatest Love for the review this week. I blame nighttime. As soon as I sit on the couch, my eyes say “Nap time?” and I have trouble getting through a full episode. Since I have 6 episodes left on Greatest Love, what I watch this weekend can’t be a really long one (no more than 16 episodes). It has to be something I can watch on DramaFever or Netflix watch now, because I want to watch it on the couch not at my computer.answer me 1997

I’m leaning towards Answer me 1997. I’ve heard really good things about it and when it first started I really wanted to see it. Now though? I’m feeling ‘eh’ about it. It’s 16 episodes but only a half hour long. I’d be done in 8 hours!

I could catch up to Faith? Of course if I watched Answer Me 1997, I could probably do both.

Office Girls

Has anyone seen Office Girls? I’ve never watched a T-Drama before. I know it’s longer than what I wanted but going through the titles it just caught my attention.

Ack! Now looking through the titles, I’m lured in by the longer shows. Damn me and my love of weekend dramas! Three Brothers? Kimchi Family?

I don’t knooowww. I guess it’s a decision that will have to be made once I get up tomorrow. What say you?

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