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Posted by Stephanie on September 24, 2012

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bigbang4Bwahaha-brohoho. I am a bad blogger. “Bad blogger, bad!” I should have updated you sooner, I left you hanging out there.

I GOT THE TICKETS!! I am officially a VIP-VIP. I wish I had sound because I would cue awwww music.

I’m very excited about this. Reports are saying that the concerts sold out in 2 hours, but I don’t think that’s right. I went back to Ticketmaster to try to get tickets for someone else 40 minutes after I got mine and was d-nied. In all price ranges. Unless Ticketmaster blocked me because I had already bought 2, they were sold out. People online said that VIP tickets were sold out in minutes. I am so glad I took the time to create an account including billing info! I was in and out of that check out in like 2 minutes. Coolio!

So, the NYC planning has commenced. What to wear. Getting there. Staying there. What to do there. Suggestions?

That was the upside. Downside? Ugh. The cold I’ve been fighting off for a week arrived shortly thereafter. Ugh. This is Karma for getting my awesome seats. Except they aren’t seats. I’m standing. Anyway, I’m a bundle of yuck. And whines. And I want pizza. Or a cookie. However, I can have neither. Over 3 days I ran 11 miles, bought a new (smaller) pair of running pants, and gained 2 pounds. Hrm. Yep I’m definitely being punished for stroke of BigBang luck. That’s okay, I’ll take it!

I just finished the rewatch of Greatest Love, so expect that review soon.And when I say soon I mean tomorrow.

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