A post of General Randomness

Posted by Stephanie on September 30, 2012


Really. This is a post filled with little bits of randomness where, while none of them are by themselves post worthy, together they make a little something.

Lets start out with the first.

Jami made me a logo! Woot! She actually made me 4 and this is the one I like best. I like the font, the purple, and the fish! (It makes me think of Pasta)logo

I keep turning on my phone for no reason at all. Why? Well I changed my wall paper. Out with the old KwangSoo on Running Man and in with the new:cell


Anyway, if you look closely you can learn random bits about me:

Moving on.

Bits with Jami, my Yoda of Social Media, Photoshop Queen, and lead cheer-leader.
So I’ve been trying to get the guts up to do something. Or I should say get the guts up to decide to try to do something. It stems from me being a die-hard introvert, trying to make herself act in extroverted ways. Yes, it is for the good of all, but that first step is kind of hard to take. Anyway, as my Yoda of social media (it actually does pertain to the blog) and my personal cheer-leader told me, in the kindest way possible to ‘Nut Up.’ Not only in words but in Photoshop. These were just too funny not to share!

nut up nut up2

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