Top 5 Worst Kdramas

Posted by Stephanie on October 10, 2012

Top Five

bad kdramaI WANT MY 16 HOURS BACK! How many times have we said this? These are the shows which, even months later, just make us angry to think of the time we’ve wasted. Don’t make Stephanie angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry…. What is it that makes a show go bad? We had to have picked up these shows for some reason, at some point they interested us enough to start them. What turned it around for us?

For me it’s usually story, coming from a writing background, if the writing doesn’t make sense, it drives me batty. If characters don’t arc I want to pull my hair out. If your hero tries to kill your heroine? Well, I’m out. And I’ll probably never watch anything you write again. So here is a list of my

Top 5 Least Favorite Kdramas

Prince’s First LovePrince's First love

By far, hands down, the worst of the worst, Prince’s First Love is a show which almost made me stop watching Kdrama. Yeah. It was that bad. How was it bad? Well there is enough blame to go around on this show. Mainly the writers. AGH the writers. We’ve got a hero who is half child/half crazy stalker. Oh and what was that? That little niggling detail which sticks with me? Now I remember, our hero almost kills the heroine by abandoning her at sea. COME ON. How can I get behind this romance? Oh right, I can’t. I hated how this show ended up so much that I still can’t watch anything that Cha Tae-Hyun is in.


Attic Catattic cat

Nothing ever happens in this show, the characters never change, and the couple is creepily codependent. Here’s another hero who’s a child who never grows up. He gets in trouble again and again over the stupidest things. He uses the heroine, which is cool, you know, because she’s continually his doormat.

Life Special Investigation Teamlife special investigation unit

This show has one of the most unbelievable romances ever. They should have just kept this a procedural show and it would have been fine. Well. Not fine, but passable. When the couple kisses at the end I actually shuddered. Ew. You come from this show knowing that not only is this couple not going to work out, but in 6 months the heroine is going to look back and be embarrassed for herself. The show had an uneven tone and tried to get more serious as it went along but this was so the wrong way to go. If the show had continued as it had started, I would have enjoyed it more or it wouldn’t have been such a loss.

And if the hero had farted a little less that would have been nice. Continuous fart jokes? Not as humorous as you’d think.

I Am LegendI Am legend 2

This show is more disappointing than anything. It started out really well. Girl gets her mojo back while divorcing her low down cheating husband. Add some fantastic friends, a great band, and a cool potential new love interest? Awesome. I’m in. Then the second half of the drama kicked in. What the hell happened? My awesome show became a depressing legal drama. The fantastic friends and great band were increasingly pushed to the side and our cool love interest? Nothing. Nothing happened at all. UGH. Why even introduce it all? I’m sad this show wasn’t better.

My Love Pattzimy love pattzi

This show is a mess. The heroine is awful. We’re supposed to feel bad for her, but why? She has a frenemy? Big deal. The whole set up for the romance and the love triangle is based on a ridiculous plot point. It doesn’t make any sense and it makes the heroine seem stupid. This is the one love triangle where I think both guys would be better off without her. Also? The writers take legitimate, interesting plot twist and just throws it away. Throws it on the floor, dances on it a little bit before setting it on fire. What a waste. Bad writers, bad!

What is your most least favorite drama?

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