I Want To Make Out With All of Nell’s Songs

Posted by Stephanie on October 20, 2012



In this weeks Musical Monday, I posted a song from the band, Nell. Since then I have been playing mainly the same two songs over and over again. Today I had to work a very, very long time. Very long.

I went back to my usual Nell song, but because for once there were other people in my house, I couldn’t play my same repeat-repeat-repeat game. So instead I found a playlist full of Nell songs. About 4 hours in, I realized something very important.

I want to make out with all of Nell’s songs.

Their songs are so beautiful. Smooth and pretty. They remind a little of Snow Patrol? They have songs in both Korean and English. They have a few songs available on iTunes and you’d better believe I’m going to be buying anything I can.

Anyway, I just couldn’t keep this to myself, I had to share!

믿어선 안될 말
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE0ptn0CS_g?feature=player_embedded]

Tokyo (this is one of the songs I’ve had on repeat)[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SAmbfr22KY?feature=player_embedded]

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