Musical Monday: The Epik High Edition

Posted by Stephanie on October 22, 2012


epik high

Here’s a fun one. I thought about saving it for Halloween (because of the fun ghoulish mv) but figured what the heck—let’s for once let me be current. I’ve never heard any songs from Epik High before, I’m not even entirely sure I’ve heard of the band at all. (What can I say; I’m still new to this.) From what JessUnnie says I’ve been missing out. She also gave me a list of backlist songs to check out, which after watching this video, I totally will.

The song and video is just a lot of fun. The irreverent tone of both makes me think of Blink182. I love the attitude. And all the creepy kids in costumes. It was so much fun trying to pick out the popculture costumes especially GDragon’s yellow cornrows. It looks like this video was a ton of fun to shoot. However, I’m not sure how they got this video past the censors. You know. Blood. Gore. Children wreaking havoc.

Which of course just makes me like it all the more.

Epik High, Don’t Hate Me

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