Casting News: Incarnation of Money

Posted by Stephanie on October 23, 2012

Casting News

incarnation of moneyNews of a drama tentatively scheduled for after Cheongdam-dong Alice ends. And since Alice hasn’t even started yet, it’s gonna be a while. This casting news this lands on the sketchy side as, since it’s so far away, things can change and no one has officially signed yet. That in mind, for a hero we have Kang Ji Hwan, who we’ve see in Coffee House and Lie To Me. While I didn’t care for either, I keep trying dramas he’s in because despite his pick of shows, he does a really good job. I like his comedic timing and I’d really like to see something he’s in that I’ll love.

For a heroine we’ve got Hwang Jung-eum, who keeps ticking up there, getting lead rolls. In the past we’ve seen her in Can You Hear My Heart, she just finished Golden Time, and coming up, she’s in Full House 2. Busy lady. Over all, I like her a lot, she can be super cute if she can just keep the screeching down.

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