Posted by Stephanie on October 24, 2012

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Just two weeks until my BigBang adventure begins! Woot!

Bigbang 3

Sorry I’ve been a little distant lately! Don’t worry fellow Kdrama lovers; I’m not losing interest in either Kdrama or the blog. It’s a little, this is the busy season for my work and a little I’m working extra hours to make up for the time I’ll be away. It all adds up to, ugh, I miss Kdrama!

Anyway. Two weeks today until BigBang. Here’s a status report:

Hotel, check

Driving dry run, check

Concert outfit, check

Tickets booked from concert back to NYC, check

Everything else? Uh…. Not so much. 

My plan is to leave town on Wednesday, drive down to Rhode Island, spend night visiting with my bosses. Head into NYC Thursday morning! My friend Kate who is going to the concert with me hits NYC Thursday night.

This weekend, while on the hunt for new jeans, I actually found a physical BigBang ‘Still Alive’ CD at a store in Portland. What the what!?!

bigbang cd

Yes, I may already own the CD on iTunes., but I didn’t care. There was BigBang euphoria running through my veins! It was the first ever Korean anything I found in my general vicinity! Yes, it was actually an hour and a half away from my actual vicinity, but since I got to Portland fairly frequently, it totally counted. Of course once I left, I kicked myself a little for spending $25 on a CD I already owned, but it came with a poster! Actually, I was pretty bummed. I guess I THOUGHT it came with a poster. Unless someone in Bull Moose is also a BigBang fan, stole my poster, and then carefully resealed the package. Hmm… do I smell a BigBang conspiracy?

But then I realized by me buying this CD, it’s showing Bull Moose and the town of Portland that there’s a market for Kpop. Then maybe they would carry more. Then maybe some Kdramas! Just think—I personally could be the start of the Korean wave right in my own back yard!

Ahem. I’m back. Sorry for that. I get fanciful sometimes.

Anyway, two weeks left! Is anyone else getting excited? Is there anyone else going to the concert? Or going to be in NYC that weekend? Let me know, I’d love to meet up. We could get Korean food and talk Kdrama.

Or just gush over how cute T.O.P. is.

Really. Either works for me!


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