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Posted by Stephanie on November 20, 2012


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I know. It’s been a very long time since I did a regular review. Luckily my life is beginning to settle back into its normal routine which means more reviews for you and hopefully, more time to watch new Kdrama for me! Change is good until it starts to get in the way of the fun bits.

So we’re back to our regularly scheduled Kdrama which this week, is Dream High! Okay, honestly. Whenever I say Dream High in my head, it’s always Dream High! spoken in JYO’s pizzazzy whisper? Does anyone else do this? Come on—it can’t just be me….

Although I do land on just this side of weird.

It’s funny how my taste in show shows have changed. My first Kdrama’s featured characters of the younger set—Playful KissBoys Over Flowers, and You’re Beautiful—so that when I watched my first adult show, it was weird to me. But now? I prefer shows featuring adults. One) it’s more relatable. 2) I can believe that when the show is all done and the story is complete, that the mail couple we rooted for is going to stay together. Forever. I’m a romantic, I can’t help it. Teenagers? I can’t realistically believe that love is going to last.

Dream High is a perfect example of this.

I had put off watching Dream High! even though everyone was saying how good it was. So what finally got me to watch it? Heh. I won a DramaFever contest where the prize was a Dream High! school badge. On the one hand I was pleased as punch to have one anything, let alone Kdrama schwag, but on the other hand I felt guilty for entering a contest for a show I hadn’t even seen. So I resolved to marathon Dream High! as soon as the badge arrived.

So the badge arrived and with a sigh I settled in. To my surprise? Dream High! was pretty awesome. It took a couple episodes to get into it but when I did, I was roaring through episodes. It was interesting, emotional, had a villain you actually felt for, had great music, and if I remember correctly, was pretty well written.

Okay, so maybe some of the acting wasn’t the best, but I totally believed in those kids.

And—was anyone else totally surprised by JYP? He was hilarious! All in all—well done. I’m looking forward to rewatching this one to see if it holds up.

SPECS: Dream High! Ran on KBS from 1/3/11-2/28/11 with high ratings throughout. There are 16 episodes with one special episode, which was a Dream High Special Concert, coming right after the series ended. There is a second season, Dream High 2, which most Dream High fans choose to pretend doesn’t exist.

Synopsis from DramaFever:

Produced by Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young (JYP), this hit musical show follows six students at Kirin Art High School as they try to achieve their dreams of stardom.

Go Hye Mi (Suzy) is a talented singer forced to deal with her previously wealthy family’s financial woes. She auditions for Kirin Art High School, but is shockingly rejected in favor of her best friend Yoon Baek Hee (Ham Eun Jung) and a rivalry begins. Meanwhile Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) is a country boy who finds himself head over heels for Hye Mi and follows her to Kirin. A musical genius, he has an ear for music, despite having hearing problems.

Sam Dong isn’t the only one in love with Hye Mi. Hyun Si Hyuk (Taecyeon) is Hye Mi’s childhood friend and a talented rapper. He debuts in a small group called Group K with Baek Hee and Jason (Wooyoung), an American exchange student who develops a bickering relationship with singer Pil Suk (IU), a girl with a strong voice but an image problem.

As these six students compete against each other and sing their hearts out, one question remains: which student will succeed to become the world’s superstar pop idol “K”?


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