Soundtrack Sunday: Dream High!

Posted by Stephanie on November 25, 2012


dream high 2

As this is a show based on a bunch of kids trying to make it in the music industry, we expected and received an OST chock-o’block filled with songs. Which of course makes narrowing down my choices for Soundtrack Sunday a little difficult–but as always–I persevered and picked out a few of my favorites.

This song is one I loved when I first heard it on the show and it periodically pops into my brain. For a happy birthday song it packs a punch in the show as it’s the first time we see Go Hye Mi open up her shell, just for a bit.

Suzy, Winter Child

This song was used throughout Dream High and it is so pretty. This version is the cast singing it for the Special Concert. It may not be the best version of the song out there, but yep, it gives me a case of the weepies. Aww… look, they are all there…together again…all happy.


Goose’s Dream.


And finally, what Soundtrack Sunday for Dream High would be complete without the song, Dream High? I would be derelict in my duties if I’d left it off. And it’s my favorite (I love how it starts with the strings). Who else had this stuck in their head for days after watching Dream High?



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