A Month of Kdrama: Week 4

Posted by Stephanie on December 28, 2012


As I’m closing in on the end of the month I am one either super impressed with how many Kdramas I’ve been able to fit in this month or super embarrassed with the amount of TV I’ve watched. I’ve had people chide me for the amount of TV they think I watch considering the amount of time I put into this blog. However? Putting a lot of time into the blog really limits the amount of Kdrama I actually watch. Odd.
Plowing through these dramas reminded me of how I was when I first started watching Kdrama. When I first discovered Kdrama, I gulped it down in long gulps. I was actually afraid I’d run out. Of course I’m older and wiser now and know this will never run out (thank goodness).

*shakes head* Sidetracked. Sorry guys. Back to my report. Due to the holiday, I packed in a lot of Kdrama.full house 2

Starting with Kate and my holiday watching, I was surprised when Kate announced she didn’t want to watch anything intense or serious (this is kind of her thing). Looking at my list, I didn’t know what to choose, but then I remembered Full House Take 2 had just ended, so we went with that. And I’ve been singing the Take One’s single ever sense.padam padam

Over Christmas itself I went with Padam Padam. Loved it. I thought it was going to rise to my top 5 list. I laughed, cried, screamed, and gasped—but then the last 5 ish episodes happened and the whole thing fell apart. Nuts.brain

Next? Brain. Brrrainzz… Pretty good. Until that last episode. It was interesting having a character that was that unlikable as your lead. Not just our usual cranky hero who quickly becomes nice, but a guy who remains cold and calculating almost throughout the entire show. And yet you still root for him.

Operation ProposalAnd finally? We’re still trudging through Operation Proposal over at Operation: Kdrama Chat. I hope to finish the stupid thing today and never think of this stupid show ever again. Well, until I rip it apart during the review. Here’s hoping the next show we chat about is even 20% better. Or at least let’s hope the next show doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out.

Here’s the scoreboard:

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
King 2Hearts
Live In Style (over 50 eps should have been taken out earlier)
Bridal Mask
Marriage Plot
Can Love Become Money
Nice Guy
Operation Proposal
Five Fingers
Fermentation Family
Padam Padam
Full House Take 2
Panda and Hedgehog
Haeundae Lovers
Take Care of Us, Captain
History of a Salaryman
To the Beautiful You
I Do I Do
Wild Romance

So in this last weekend, I have time for one more show. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be King 2Hearts. On the one hand I’m looking forward to it because I have an unexplainable crush on Lee Seung Gi considering I’ve never actually seen him in anything. On the other hand I’m not looking forward to it because I hear it’s pretty intense.
But then again… Lee Seung Gi….

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