Biggest Disappointments of 2012

Posted by Stephanie on January 4, 2013

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Throughout the year there are shows we get super psyched about from the very first whisper. We scour the news looking for mentions of what we’re sure is going to be the biggest hit of the year for returning stars, returning writers or eve just an interesting premise. Then they land. Splat. We try to hold out hope, hold onto why we were so excited in the first place until every fond memory is gone, leaving only a bad taste.


Come On. Hong Sisters? The hotness of Gong Yoo? How could this miss? But miss it did. As I usually wait for shows to be complete before I start, so I watched while Big went from a show I waited for with baited breath to one I wouldn’t touch with a stick. I’m sorry Gong Yoo—maybe next time? Hong Sisters? Probably Not.

Padam Padampadam padam

Why is this show on the list you ask? It actually reached a lot of peoples best of lists. I was one of these people—I LOVED this show—it was moody, beautifully shot, was incredibly interesting with amazing and complex characters. Up until about episode 15 I was absolutely sure this would become my favorite Kdrama, bumping Pasta from its long-standing spot. So what happened? The rest of the drama happened, that’s what. The main character became so self-pitying and morose it almost became unwatchable. The plot ground almost to a complete stop. That’s why Padam Padam is on this list. I’m punishing the writer for taking what was amaz-balls awesome and ruining it. FOR SHAME!

Fashion Kingfashion king

You ah in coming back to dramas? Our beloved Moon Jae Shin who almost stole the show on Sungkyungkwan Scandal was headlining his very first drama? Where can I sign up, I asked. Then the show landed. And no one said anything—which is never a good sign. It wasn’t until the very end that word escaped just how bad and pointless this turkey had been. Yoo Ah In, I’m sorry this is what happened as your first lead. And I hope this doesn’t scare you away from dramaland. Please come back!

Golden Timegolden time

I love me some Lee Sun Gyun. Come on, who doesn’t? When I heard he was coming back to television for the first time since Pasta, and that the show was also being directed by the same director of Pasta? I needed to see this show. I scoured the web for news, for stills, for anything I could get my eager hands on. Then Nothing. The show came and went with little fanfare and I completely lost interest—seriously—it’s not even on the TBWList. If you’re going to tease us by coming back to kdrama’s again my dear Lee Sun Gyun, please do as all a favor. Make it a romance!

Love Rainlove rain 2

Love Rain is here for the same reason as Padam Padam. It raised my expectations, with solid episodes, beautiful camera work, and Jang Geun Suk—then wandered into the land of the overly wrought melodrama—and I was lost. Then I got angry. If you’re going to be awful, be awful all the way through, don’t trick me by being awesome at first. I hold grudges.

Marriage Plotwedding scheme

What a waste of a good premise. This show was awful. Flat out awful and it’s entirely the lazy writers fault. I wish the story had actually been focused on the storyline of the older sister and her romance with the divorced stunt director, that was a much more interesting plot.

Dream High 2 dream high 2

Surprisingly I really enjoyed Dream High. For a high school show basically there to showcase idols, it was well written with interesting characters, a great premise and fun songs. I’m a sucker for a good underdog story.

So what happened with Dream High 2? I’m blaming this one on the writer. Or the producers who thought they could rest on the reputations of Dream High and the new cast of idols stars rather than getting a good writer. Come on. Audiences are smarter than that. I hope the original writer of Dream High is laughing at them right now.

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