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Posted by Stephanie on January 16, 2013


I think it’s time to check in with BigBang. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the BigB at all and I’m feeling a little jittery. Luckily, we got a few bits of BigBang related info this week:bigbang

YG has released the Alive Concert CD. Hells yeah, I’m going to get this. But then again, was there really any Big surprise with that? Although, I’m a little embarrassed to say, this will be the number of copies of Alive I own to 3. I bought the digital copy of the studio edition on iTunes, I bought an actually copy of the CD when I found it in a store in Portland (gotta support the spread of BigBang, right?), and now, I’ll buy the concert copy of the CD now that it’s been released on iTunes.

That doesn’t make me obsessive does it?

My hope is that the concert CD will magically transport me back to my time where it was me and BigBang in a room, you know, with the thousands of other fans. Right now, my time there was just a happy, happy blur. Although, sadly since it was the first stop on the tour, it won’t have the One of a Kind stuff on it. That was fun.

So other BigBang news?One of a kind

Well, GD is doing a world tour for his solo album, One of a Kind. Would I go if he took that to New York again? Hells yeah, and frankly that’s a silly question. I love One of a Kind almost as much as I love Alive. However, my guess is that he’s probably not going to come back to the states this time around. It’s not that I have any facts to back that up, they are still working on the locations, but it’s just a feeling I have. In my gut. And my gut is pretty good. Except for when it demands tacos.

News is that now that the Alive tour is over, BigBang is going to start recording some new music. Which would be awesome. But of course it makes me worry because I love this CD so much. What if I don’t like the next one as much? What if it’s like B.A.P. where I started out loving them but with their second CD I was all “What the hell happened to B.A.P?”. If that were to happen, I’d be pretty sad. I guess I just need to sit back and trust in GD.

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