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Posted by Stephanie on January 26, 2013


one of these thingsSo it’s about a year ago this week that I did probably one of the most embarrassing things in my history of Kdrama. And keep in mind–Aimee and I did post that video blog last year–but yes, this tops it. However it’s a heartwarming story about friendship–and my previous obsession with Kim Hyun Joong.

Last year, not long after I bought my Roku box, started the blog, and became a premium member of DramaFever, DramaFever sent out a notice of a contest they were running. “Win a Kim Hyun Joong calendar” the headline said. Actually, they were offering three different calendars, but the only one I was interested in was my first ever bias Kim Hyun Joong.

So, how would one win this glorious prize? Simple. Just post onto their board the story of how you got a friend hooked on Kdrama. Of course I entered in a flash, writing a warm, heart touching story about how Kdrama brought me and my friend Aimee closer after she moved away. It was just the right amount of sap and sentiment–trust me, I write romance–I know how to tweak those emotions.

But my brain kept spinning. Was it enough? Did they actually care about the story or would they just choose randomly? I realized I couldn’t take the chance. I had to bump up my odds. I weighed my options or more realistically weighed the potential embarrassment against my desire for month after month of Kim Hyun Joong staring at me from the wall:khj

Yeah, embarrassment quickly lost out.

So bracing myself for the teasing, I put out the SOS on Facebook. Please, please, I asked my friends. Please do this small thing for me. Simply like the DramaFever page on Facebook and make up a story–any story on how you got some imaginary friend hooked on Kdrama.


I tried again. Please, I said. I MUST have this calendar. Go ahead and mock, but just do it. Entries began to trickle in. I sweetened the pot. I decreed the person who brought me the Kim Hyun Joong calendar would be rewarded with an iTunes gift certificate.

Well, the sad news. I didn’t win the calendar. The good news? I have friends who love me and listened to my pleas.

Laurie, who was partially responsible for getting me hooked on Kdrama wrote a lovely little story about me.

Anne, my friend and grammar coach, put in the research and crafted a tale about her love of Boys Over Flowers. She gets added points for actually attempting to watch the drama before giving up, telling me she just wanted Jandi to hurry up choose either JiHoo or JunPyo already. I of course laughed and told her that wasn’t going to happen for a while.

Aimee added a story about hooking her sister into the wild world of Krama–this is one of the few true stories.

Jami’s husband (and my friend) Sean wrote a funny, if slightly inappropriate story. To this day I always laugh whenever I go onto DramaFever, as Sean never actually unliked them, and his picture is always right there. (See guy with inner-tube on his head in the top picture.)

Jami wouldn’t write the story for me, but she allowed me access to her facebook account and had me enter the contest myself in her name.

Jami’s sister (and my friend) Gianna not only entered the contest, but since her dog Cuan has his own facebook page, he entered as well.

Yeah, so out of my tons of facebook friends I had 6 people who did this stupid, stupid thing for me. They didn’t even tease me…that badly. So, I may not have won the contest, but I learned a valuable lesson that day. Who the best of the best of my friends are.

The End.

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