All On Board for Ulumni?

Posted by Stephanie on January 30, 2013




So we’ve got some earlier pictures peeking behind the scenes on the movie TOP has been filming throughout the Big Bang World tour.

In Alumni, TOP plays a North Korean sent to Seoul to kill other North Korean spies in order to save his younger sister.TOP 4

I lurve me some TOP. If you’re a regular reader you know that I’m a huge fan. I swoon at the sight of a picture of him. Just not these. Is it me or does he look really young in these pictures? I know he’s playing a character but without the TOP swagger, some of the RAWR may have been lost for me.TOP 2

Then there’s also the fact that the only acting I’ve seen him do is in the music videos. Can he act? That’s not being snarky that’s an actual question. I know he was in Iris—should I watch that? I also know he was in I am Sam, but that show really doesn’t interest me. Is there anything else that I’m missing?TOP 3

Although—I love the sound of his voice so much, do I really need him to be a good actor? I can just close my eyes and let his voice just rumble over me. Rawr.

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