Casting News: Jeong Kyeo-woon

Posted by Stephanie on January 30, 2013

Casting News

wonderful mamaJeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV, Jeong Kyeo-woon’s coming back to TV!

Yep, it has been confirmed that my favorite pointy eared Khottie is coming back to TV after his pretty awesome turn in History of a Salaryman.

Now this show, Wonderful Mama, is a weekend drama, so it’s not going to have the biting funniness of Salaryman, but that’s okay, Jung Kyeo-woon is still going to be the lead. I’m fairly certain this will be his first leading role since the (under-appreciated in my mind) kdrama Dr. Champ.

Now this drama is about a mother who is secretly a loan shark. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s she needs to train her 3 daughters in the family business.

We also have a heroine in Jung Yumi, which is another shot in the heart to City Conquest, as she’d been previously signed on to be their heroine. Poor City Conquest. Most people still have hard feelings towards Jung due to her very, very evil character in Rooftop Prince (which I haven’t seen), but I have fond memories of her in the other family drama, Assorted Gems. 

Her and Jeong Kyeo-woon’s character are supposed to have a contentious workplace relationship, which, brought together with the whole premise with the sick mother, gives me bad Marriage Plot flashbacks. Here’s hoping this Wonderful Mama is better than that mess.

Wonderful Mama is scheduled to take hit the airwaves in May on SBS. In this year of meh (except Flower Boy Next Door), is this the one to get super excited about? Probably not. My excitement level isn’t helped by the fact that DramaFever usually doesn’t pick up the family dramas while they are airing.

But Jeong Kyeo-woon is coming back to TV—so that can’t be too bad—right?

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