Musical Monday: Team H Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 4, 2013


team h

FYEYES. This song is not Korean. It’s Japanese. But it’s pretty freaking awesome. And it has Jang Geun Seok who is so Korean he’s already been a Khottie. This video is hilarious.

And the song is electric and super fast paced. Exactly what I expect I’m going to need to get over the pretty big Kdrama hangover I’ll be sporting tomorrow morning. Seriously guys, I watched so much Kdrama this weekend, I’m a little embarrassed for myself. Don’t get me wrong–I’m looking forward to repeating it as soon as possible–but after such late nights Monday is going to be painful.

So for those of you out there like me who may need a good kick in the pants to get going this morning, I give you:

Team H, What Is Your Name?

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