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Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2013

Casting News

LAUGH. I was just replying to a comment of Enz’s who asked when Jung Il Woo and Sung Joon were coming back to the screen. I said to her I figured it would be a while for Sung Joon as he just finished Can We Get Married, but it’s about time for Jung Il Woo to come back after Moon/Stars.

Then I go online and what do I see? Sung Joon just signed on to a movie. Scary Story 2. It also stars the guy we liked from Operation Proposal and Flower Boy Next Door, Go Kyung-pyo.

It’s a movie, not a drama, so that’s one thing. And it’s a scary movie and that’s another. I probably won’t see it. But it’s so funny that we were just talking about it!

Quick! Let’s talk about something else I want!  Um…. Jung Woo Sung!

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