Lee Min Ho Releasing An Album?

Posted by Stephanie on March 14, 2013


l_p0025465287In other puzzling news….

So I wake up to the news that Lee Min Ho is releasing an album and going on a 10 city tour.

What the what?

Now I have to remind myself that he’s a Korean entertainer. They are schooled in everything, right? One of my favorite things about him is the sound of his voice. And he’s reportedly not doing this as his next career move, he’s strictly doing this as a fan service.

So sayith Lee Min Ho: “My objective is to become an outstanding actor so becoming a singer is out of my concerns. This is a present I’ve prepared for my fans and I am coming back with a new project soon enough”.

Which makes me ask, did you ask for this? I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign that petition. As my little buddy Ryan is currently obsessed with Mama Mia I now shudder at the thought of actors singing. MR. DARCY–WHY!?!

He’s also planning a 10 city tour. I hope this does not get in the way of him joining a drama this year. I’ll be very *poutyface* if we don’t get a new drama to drool over.

Of course, this being said, yeah, chances are pretty high I’ll buy the album when it comes out. You know. Lee Min Ho. In My Ears! You know, auto-tuned and all….

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