Sung Joon Takes a Step….Sideways?

Posted by Stephanie on March 15, 2013

Casting News


Here you go Enz! Not into scary movies? Sung Joon just signed onto a new drama! Not just any drama, but the Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi! With all this wishing coming true–we really need to focus on something else to hope for–Sung Joon is all set for a while. 

It is a bit of a weird choice though, for him. He headlined (and kicked butt in Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and Can We Get Married (which I hear is not great but he was good in it). After those two turns as hero, now he takes a supporting role ? (He’s playing Suzy’s body guard) It really seems like he’s taking a bit of a step back.

Although, maybe this is a strategic move. Both Shut Up and CWGM were cable shows. Maybe to make the jump to network, it’s best to take a smaller role in a big name show? The cast alone (not to mention the sad lack of must-see shows this year) gives Gu Family Book a better than average chance at being popular.

But wouldn’t Shut Up have been enough? Even if it was network, it’s still a high profile show that did really well. Hmm… Or maybe he wanted to dip his toes into saeguk without having all the pressure on him as hero? (Good luck Lee Seung Gi!)

I dunno, but lets keep our fingers crossed for him!

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