Family Book of Gu: My Pros and Cons List

Posted by Stephanie on March 27, 2013


gu family bookHmmm….A Kdrama conundrum. I continue to be on the fence on this new Lee Seung Gi drama, Gu Family Book.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ve well documented my total crush on Mr. Lee and when I first heard news of the show, I was among the league’s that were pretty excited. But then as time when on and my new Kdrama meh set in, I found myself wavering.

Now though, as we get closer to the date, and I watch the trailers, my interest is ticking upwards again.

It’s a kdrama rollercoaster!

I wasn’t pleased when I heard Suzy was cast as a lead. Can she hold her own against Lee Seung Gi? I have my doubts. I do remind myself that, even with her stiffness, I enjoyed her in Dream High.

The beginning looks SUPER sad (seriously, just looking at the pictures makes me a little teary). Human mother and Guhimo father meet, fall in love, and when mom is pregnant with little half-fox, villagers kill the father as he attempts to protect his family. (This I’m totally guessing from watching the trailers.) Mom is soon killed or forced to abandon our little half-fox in the river ala Moses. If I go into something knowing it’s so sad, I tend to drag my feet a bit.

The writer of Gu Family Book wrote Baker King, which I want to see but hear is really super angsty. She also wrote Dalja’s Spring and Hotelier which I hear are both great dramas. But then again, she also wrote Glory Jane, which tends to get quite the frowny-face review from anyone who talks about it.

Lee Seung Gi looks totally cute and impish. Nope, no downside here!

Gu Family Book is a saeguk, yes it’s a fusion saeguk, but one thing I can rely on in the saeguk world is that I CAN’T rely on the couple being together in the end. And rooting for a couple 16+ episodes only to have them not be together in the end? Makes Stephanie a cranky girl. If a show is described anywhere as ‘bittersweet’, that’s usually my cue to skip it.

The trailers make the show look pretty awesome and totally make me want to see the show, but isn’t that the entire point of a ‘teaser trailer’?

So what do you think? Are you waiting on baited breath for Gu Family Book? Or are you still feeling the ‘meh’?

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