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Posted by Stephanie on April 11, 2013


new heartI remember I did watch this show. Uhhh…. there was a couple having an affair. Ji Sung has really bad hair… there was the requisite tortured brilliant doctor….and the hero made teddy-bears and had a career threatening injury which was miraculously healed in last episode. Beyond that? I dunno. This is one of those I hate to say ‘nothing shows’ which you forget almost as soon as you’re done. You’re never going to see New Heart on any Top 5 list, I’m never going to reference it anywhere. I just don’t remember or care. I almost thought about skipping the review on this one as, if I don’t remember it, is anyone going to care about it either? Do I even want to take the time to watch it again? Meh. Not really.

But the controlling person inside me will not just let me not review a drama I’ve seen. I may have bumped one up the list (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Love Rain, and Rich Man Poor Woman) but I’ve never looked at a show and said, “This isn’t worth my time”. Hence, this next review will be New Heart. After this rousing recommendation, I’m guessing you’re going to want to run out and marathon this, right?

Probably not.

Thing is, I don’t remember disliking this New Heart. But if you’re looking for a medical drama, there are better ones for you to check out, like Brain or God’s Quiz.

So let’s all look forward to the review, huh? And I promise, coming up are some really good ones, like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Answer Me 1997, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

Specs: New Heart ran for 23 episodes (why?) on MBC from 12/12/07-02/28/08. Okay, looking at the ratings this was really popular, coming in a solid second almost it’s entire run. Hmm… surprising, New Heart was written by the writer of City Hunter and Haeundae Lovers.

Synopsis from DramaFever:

Cardiac surgery is one of the most demanding and difficult forms of surgery, and it’s not as lucrative as other medical careers, so when Lee Eun Seung and Nam Hye Suk are the only applicants to apply for a residency, they are accepted easily. Dr. Choi Kang Gook, the new head of Cardiovascular Surgery, has his doubts. Eun Seung has always dreamed of becoming a great cardiac specialist, but as an orphan coming from a small-town medical school, his skills are basic. Hye Suk, on the other hand, graduated from an elite medical school with top marks, but possesses an inflexible personality. Gradually, as they work together, a mutual respect dawns, and Eun Seung begins to be attracted to Hye Suk. But things get complicated when famous actor Lee Dong Gwon is admitted to the hospital, who has a romantic past with Hye Suk and aims to win her heart once more. Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance for Me), Kim Min Jung (Fashion 70’s), and Lee Ji Hoon (Hello! Miss) star in this hit medical drama.


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