Yoo Seung Ho, A Class Act

Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2013


missing you 2

It finally happened. Yoo Seung Ho officially began his military service. Since he announced his plans back in December, I have been more and more impressed by how mature and pretty awesome Yoo Seung Ho is. Rather than holding out until he’s older, he enlisted early, more in keeping with the actual Korean man. And rather than making a big splashy deal out of it, he’s kept everything quite low key, refusing interviews and, more importantly, CV offers after the ending of his last successful drama, I Miss You.

Instead of the usual grand send off the famous man gets, he went to begin basic training at a military base in Gangwon Province’s Chuncheon with only his family and manager to send him off.

According to his agency: “No one knew of Yoo Seung Ho’s enlistment. He thought he should enlist quietly because everyone’s the same in the military. There shouldn’t be special treatment for celebrities.”

With his ‘everyone’s the same in the military’ it’s no surprise that he enlisted as an active military soldier, rather than in the star corp, which has come under fire after the recent Rain scandal.

Come on, how cool is this kid? And at 20 no less. I’m pretty amazed. And I officially can’t wait for him to come out in 2 years as you know, going out on top like this? Productions are going to clamoring to cast him.

Good luck, Yoo Seung Ho! Fighting!

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