Kdrama Gods Give-ith Again!

Posted by Stephanie on May 14, 2013


dangerous liasons

The God’s of Kdrama have been giving again! Surfing Nexflix scouring their pages for more new releases of the Korean persuasion and I scored–big time! Currently in their new releases they have last year’s HUGE hit The Thieves and Jang Dong Gun’s Chinese drama Dangerous Liaison.

I’m pretty sure that deserves a woot!
And, while this is extremely rumor based information, I read on a board that Viki is working on a channel for Roku, with a hopeful December release date. Um. Yeah–if turns out to be true–this will be the biggest get in all our requests. To have both DramaFever AND Viki on my Roku? A Kdrama fan’s wet dream. If I am able to get more information, of course I’ll share it here!
Then, surfing around DramaFever’s coming soon page, I saw that they are coming out with the TWDramas It Started With A Kiss and They Kissed Again. Yes, I was actually able to watch these last month with the help of Outside Seoul, but it will be nice to see it all in one pieces. I really enjoyed It Started With A Kiss and am super happy that DramaFever has chosen to pick up this really popular series.
Here’s our score card:

Barefoot Friends(DramaFever–not only do I get to watch this show, but I get to write about it! And Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Hyun Joong are even better than I could have hoped!)
Ojkako Brothers (After finishing Bridal Mask my need to see this drama has increased 80 fold.)
I Live in Cheongdamdong
How about a Kdrama I can totally get super excited about (Am I really excited about Lee Min Ho’s new drama? I’m not sure in the direction they’ve taken the show, so my woohoo has taken a hit.)
Virus (Hulu)
Jung Woo Sung drama (whyyyyy have you not done this yet? If it doesn’t happen soon I’m going to stamp my heels and hold my breath until I turn blue)
Biscuit Teacher
Thieves (Netflix)the-thieves
ROKU VIKI (maybe? Please, please, please?)
Golden Time (Viki)
Marriage Plot(Viki)
Faith (DramaFever)
Bad Family
Blind (picked this up when I was in KTown last year, it was one of the better Kmovies I’ve seen)
A Gentleman’s Dignity (DramaFever)
It Started With A Kiss (DramaFever)
They Kiss Again(DramaFever)
Glowing She
Three Dads 1 Mom
petty romance
Petty Romance(Picked this up in Ktown last year, hate to say I didn’t care for it.)
Hwapyeong Princess’s Weight Loss
Love and Marriage(DramaFever)
Take Care of Us Captain (Viki)
Wow–we’re doing awesome. Let’s keep up the good work!

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